The PhD in Asian Languages and Civilizations offers extensive training in the modern and premodern literatures of China and Japan for students seeking to pursue research and teaching careers at the collegiate level.

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The PhD in Asian Languages and Civilizations offers specializations in Chinese or Japanese with concentrations in literary and/or cultural studies of either the premodern or modern periods.

The PhD requires a minimum of 45 credits in graduate courses numbered 5000 or above in Chinese or Japanese, and 30 credits of dissertation work beyond the required coursework. Selection of courses should be made in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies in Chinese or Japanese (see the department's Graduate Advising webpage). Academic preparation is expected in both classical and modern language.

Some graduate or advanced undergraduate coursework from related fields may also be included, in accordance with Graduate School rules. Additionally, some coursework completed for the MA degree at CU or other similarly rigorous institutions may count toward the 45 credits required. PhD students may transfer to the department up to 21 hours of acceptable graduate-level credit.

Visit the department's PhD specialization in Chinese and PhD specialization in Japanese webpages for specific requirements, as well as a full list and description of graduate courses offered.

Specialization in Chinese

Select 45 credits from the following:45
Sinological Methods
Practical Issues in Chinese Language Pedagogy
Readings in Pre-Modern Chinese Literary Theory
Graduate Academic Writing
History of Literature through the Ninth Century
Ancient Prose
Ancient Poetry
History of Early Chinese Thought
Topics in Ancient Literature
Medieval Prose
Medieval Poetry
Medieval Thought and Religion
Topics in Medieval Literature
Early Modern Prose
Early Modern Poetry
Early Modern Fiction
Topics in Early Modern Literature
Modern Literature
Contemporary Literature
History of Chinese Film
Topics in 20th Century Literature
Topics in Chinese Film
Independent Study
Independent Study
Other appropriate courses approved by faculty advisor
Doctoral Dissertation

Specialization in Japanese

Select 45 credits from the following:45
Bibliography and Research Methods
Japanese Literary Translation
Classical Prose Literature
Waka, Renga, and Haiku
Topics in Classical Japanese Literature
Advanced Classical Japanese 1
Advanced Classical Japanese 2
Medieval Prose Literature
Japanese Buddhism and Literature
Topics in Medieval Literature
Japanese Dramatic Literature
Early Modern Japanese Literature and Culture
Modern Japanese Literature
Contemporary Japanese Literature
Readings in Modern and Contemporary Japanese Thought and Culture
Independent Study
Topics in Modern Literature and Culture
Practical Issues in Japanese Language Pedagogy
Japanese Independent Study
Other appropriate courses approved by faculty advisor
Doctoral Dissertation