The Central and East European Studies certificate offers students the opportunity for the integrated, interdisciplinary study of the history, politics, language, literature, and culture of Russia, Central and Eastern Europe.

The program serves to foster new knowledge and understanding of Central and Eastern Europe, and to train a new generation by providing the knowledge, tools and experience necessary for understanding these societies and for playing productive roles in their reconstruction.

The program offers students a broad understanding of the cultures and societies of Central and Eastern Europe for which it draws upon the expertise of faculty from a variety of campus departments.

Course code for this program is CEES.

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CEES 1623 (3) Introduction to Central and East European History since 1770

Examines major themes and events in the history of East-Central Europe from the late 1700s to the present. Themes include the impacts of nationalism, fascism, liberal democracy and communism in shaping the history of the region. Topics include World War I, World War II and the Holocaust, the Cold War, the fall of Communism, the Ukrainian revolution and more.

Equivalent - Duplicate Degree Credit Not Granted: HIST 1623
Additional Information: Arts Sci Core Curr: Historical Context
Departmental Category: Arts Sciences Special Courses