This undergraduate certificate program is designed exclusively for undergraduate students enrolled in the College of Media, Communication and Information (CMCI), and in the International Affairs major (IAFS) in the College of Arts and Sciences. This certificate allows students majoring in international affairs to explore careers in international reporting, advertising and entertainment, while CMCI majors will acquire the context and perspective necessary to work in global and international jobs.


The certificate requires 18 to 19 credit hours (depending on the lower-division courses chosen), 15 of which must be upper-division courses.

Students majoring in international affairs are eligible to apply for admission to the certificate program if they have completed 30 credit hours (at least 6 of which must be in their major) with a GPA of 2.75 or better.

For more information, visit the International Media Certificate page of the CMCI website.

Required Courses

CMCI Students

Required Courses
MDST 3201Media, Culture and Globalization3
JRNL 4411International Media and Global Crises3
Choose one of the following:3-4
Global Issues and International Affairs
Introduction to Comparative Politics
Introduction to International Relations
Geographies of Global Change
Choose at least 9 credit hours of courses from List A.9
Total Credit Hours18-19

 International Affairs Majors

Required Courses
MDST 3201Media, Culture and Globalization3
JRNL 4411International Media and Global Crises3
Choose 6 credit hours of coursework from List B.6
Choose 6 credit hours of coursework from List A or List B6
Total Credit Hours18


List A

Courses on this list deal with international issues.

GEOG 3682International Development: Economics, Power, and Place3
GEOG 4712Political Geography3
HIST 4126History of U.S. Foreign Relations Since 19413
HIST 4820Human Rights: Historical Perspectives3
ECON 3403International Economics and Policy3
ECON 3545Environmental Economics3
ECON 3784Economic Development and Policy3
ECON 4784Economic Development3
PHIL 3190War and Morality3
PHIL 3260Philosophy and the International Order3
PSCI 3143Current Affairs in International Relations3
PSCI 3163American Foreign Policy3
PSCI 3183International Law3
PSCI 3193International Behavior3
PSCI 4012Global Development3
PSCI 4173International Organizations3
PSCI 4732Critical Thinking in Development3
PSCI 4783Global Issues3
WGST 3500Global Gender Issues3

List B

Courses on this list deal with communication media.

COMM 3320Persuasion in Society3
INFO 3502Online Communities3
INFO 3504Digital Identity3
JRNL 2000Writing for the Media (IAFS students who wish to take advanced skills-based writing/reporting courses must take this course as a prerequisite)3
JRNL 3102Photojournalism I3
JRNL 3241History of Journalism3
JRNL 3651Media Law and Ethics3
JRNL 4351Reporting Wars, Conflict and Peace3
MDST 3321Media Industries and Economics3
MDST 3401Media, Food and Culture3
MDST 3711Media and Popular Culture3
MDST 3791Media and the Public3
MDST 4211Asian Media and Culture3
MDST 4331Gender, Race, Class, and Sexuality in Popular Culture3
MDST 4371Media and Religion3
MDST 4372Islam, Pop Culture and Media3