The minor in dance is designed to provide the student with a broad overview of dance as an art form.

Our curriculum is designed to use dance and the body to challenge assumptions about practices, values, technology, sustainability and personal and global positionality. Our program scaffolds entrepreneurial approaches to art-making based in personal initiative, curiosity and versatility. Required courses introduce students to basic elements of dance while the remaining plan is created by the student in conjunction with their primary advisor. If you have specific dance questions, please contact the director of dance or the undergraduate director of dance.

The rules of the College of Arts and Sciences apply in designing each student's program.


Declaration of a dance minor is open to any undergraduate student enrolled at CU Boulder, regardless of college or school affiliation.

  • A minimum of 18 credit hours must be taken in DNCE courses,1 including a minimum of 9 upper-division credit hours.2
  • All coursework applied to the dance minor must be completed with a grade of C- or better. No pass/fail work may be applied. The GPA in all minor coursework must equal 2.00 (C) or greater.
  • Students will be allowed to apply no more than 9 credit hours (including 6 upper-division) of transfer work toward a minor.
  • Coursework applied toward minor requirements may also be applied toward Gen Ed requirements.  

As long as they meet the above requirements, students are free to choose DNCE courses that suit their interests.