The minor in dance is designed to provide the student with a broad overview of dance as an art form.

Our curriculum is designed to use dance and the body to challenge assumptions about practices, values, technology, sustainability and personal and global positionality. Our program scaffolds entrepreneurial approaches to art-making based in personal initiative, curiosity and versatility. Required courses introduce students to basic elements of dance while the remaining plan is created by the student in conjunction with their primary advisor. If you have specific dance questions, please contact the director of dance or the undergraduate director of dance.

The rules of the College of Arts and Sciences apply in designing each student's program.


Requirements include a minimum of 20 credit hours; 9 of which must be upper division; a minimum grade of C- in each dance class; and a minimum of a 2.00 GPA for all dance and approved non-dance courses. Transfer students may apply a maximum of 9 transfer hours with a maximum of 6 upper-division credit hours to the dance minor. Students select courses from the dance curriculum based on their interests and course availability.

Required Courses and Credits

Required Courses
Select two of the following:6
Dance in Popular Culture and Media
Dance in Cultural Perception and Expression
Dancing Histories: Sex, Gender and Race in U.S. Concert Dance
Contemporary Concert Dance: Shifting Perspectives in Performance
Hip-Hop Dance History
Plus 4 additional credit hours of dance technique courses, which could include the following:4
DNCE courses ending in 0 or 1
Dance Improvisation
Elective Courses 110
Dance Production
First Year Dance Seminar
Movement Awareness and Injury Prevention for the Dancer
Inside the Groove: Developing Rhythmic Skills
SOUND Choices: Enhancing the Music/Dance Relationship
Choreographic Resources
Production Practicum
Choreographic Process
Performance Improvisation Techniques
Dance Teaching Practices: Inclusive Approaches to Instruction
Special Topics
Dance Practicum
Dance Internship
DNCE Independent Studies
DNCE Technique courses ending in 0 or 1
Acting 1
Stage Lighting Design 1
Sound Design
Musical Theatre Repertory
Arts and Sciences Special Topics
Performing Voices of Women
Production Studio
Total Credit Hours20