The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership is an interdisciplinary, fully online professional master's degree that prepares early- to mid-career professionals to succeed as tomorrow's dynamic leaders. Through coursework that blends business, communications and social sciences, the program develops the knowledge and skills students need to think critically about organizational challenges and how to address them using best practices. Students learn to align others around a shared vision, build and manage effective teams, and apply the leadership skills necessary to excel in an increasingly fast-paced and complex working world. 

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Students must complete at least 30 credit hours of graduate coursework. The program is composed of 10 courses: six core courses and four specialized track courses.

Core Courses

Core courses ensure that students have the necessary understanding of the complexities of organizational leadership and the varied dimensions of change within the context of public, private and nonprofit organizations. The curriculum prepares graduates to be successful in understanding organizational cultures, anticipating and managing change, and enhancing performance and human capital management. Core courses include:

ORGL 5005Leadership and Organizations3
ORGL 5010Leading Change and Innovation3
ORGL 5015Analytics and Data-Driven Decision Making3
ORGL 5020Strategic Communication3
ORGL 5025Performance Management3
ORGL 6830Master's Capstone (MSOL)3

The purpose of the capstone, the final course of the program, is for students to apply knowledge and skills acquired during their program to addressing actual challenges facing an organization. Students do this—under the guidance of the instructor and other subject matter experts—by collecting, processing and analyzing data and information about the organization and applying appropriate analytic methods to develop, propose and substantiate their recommended solution to the organization's problem.

Specialized Track Courses

Students may choose to specialize in one of the following tracks.

Human Resources Track

This track is ideal for students who wish to enter or advance a career in Human Resources or who want to focus on enhancing employee satisfaction and organizational performance as they assume increasing management and leadership responsibilities. Courses include:

ORGL 5105 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution3
ORGL 5110Human Resources Law3
ORGL 5115Total Rewards Strategies3
ORGL 5120Training and Development3

Strategic Leadership Track

This track is geared for students who want to hone their ability to think, plan, and operate strategically, lead personnel in the allocation of organizational resources and accomplish organizational objectives in a deliberate and systematic manner. Courses include:

ORGL 5205Strategic Planning in Organizations3
ORGL 5210Competitive Analysis and Positioning3
ORGL 5215Organizations and the Law3
ORGL 5220Operations and Designs of Organizations3

Leading Innovation Track

The leading innovation track explores leadership at the intersection of business and innovation and helps students learn to drive strategic organizational transformation. It addresses the gap that exists between the aspirations of executives to innovate and their ability to execute. It focuses on the question: why and how should leadership, innovations and technologies be leveraged to shape and support strategic and entrepreneurial initiatives in the global competitive landscape. Courses include:

ORGL 5305Leadership and Intrapreneurship3
ORGL 5310Design Thinking3
ORGL 5315Strategy and Innovation3
ORGL 5320Building and Leading Innovative Work Teams3

Organizational Communication Track

Communication is the key social process that creates and sustains all features of organizational life—including assumptions about power, knowledge, diversity, culture and teamwork that shape the practice of leadership. The organizational communication track offers a perspective that puts communication at the center of our understanding and explanation of all organizational and leadership phenomena. Courses include:

ORGL 5405Diversity and Organizational Communication3
ORGL 5410Dynamics of Group Communication 3
ORGL 5415Organizational Culture3
ORGL 5420Knowledge Management 3

Organizational Leadership (Broad Perspective) Track

This is a great track option for those who want to customize their degree to obtain broad exposure to the field of organizational leadership. Students select any four track courses from the offerings available under the other tracks (Human Resources, Leading Innovation, Organizational Communication and/or Strategic Leadership). With pre-approval, students also have the option of transferring in up to three relevant graduate courses from other programs and colleges.