This graduate program is for pre-professionals who exhibit potential for a national and/or international performing career. 

The program offers exceptionally gifted instrumentalists the opportunity to deepen their artistry, broaden their musical perspective, and refine their performance skills under the guidance of College of Music faculty. In addition, all Artist Diploma students have access to courses and career advising offered by the Entrepreneurship Center for Music. Students are provided both coaching and individualized instruction, with extensive opportunities for performance, in preparation for a performance career.


Admission Requirements

An earned baccalaureate degree and a successful audition are required for admission into this program. 

Required Courses and Credits

Category I: Requirements in Music
PMUS 6XX6 Applied Instruction (Four semesters required, one-hour weekly lesson plus weekly studio class) 18
TMUS 6956Master's Thesis (Solo recital or two concerto performances)2
TMUS 6956Master's Thesis (Solo recital)2
TMUS 6957Master's Thesis 2 (Solo or chamber recital)2
TMUS 6957Master's Thesis 2 (Public performance with lecture/demonstration)2
EMUS 5XX7 Conducted Ensemble (Two semesters required) 22
Category II: Other requirements in Music 3
Entrepreneurship (selected from the following)2
Building Your Music Career
Internship in Music Business
The Entrepreneurial Artist
Introduction to Arts Administration
Additional coursework in literature, pedagogy, entrepreneurship, musicology, ethnomusicology or music theory. 42
Total Credit Hours22