Advances in business knowledge and technology have radically changed business systems and processes—for example, how organizations buy and sell goods and services, integrate their supply chain and logistic systems and reach or retain customers. As a result, critical to today's businesses is the ability to get the right information to the right people at the right time, so that both strategic and operational decisions are made properly and quickly. To help students develop this ability, the Leeds School of Business offers the OPIM certificate.


The Operations and Information Management (OPIM) Certificate requires 12 total credits. Students who are not pursuing the Business Analytics Emphasis, Operations Management or Information Management track in the Management and Entrepreneurship Division can take any three courses from the certificate course options listed below. Students pursuing Business Analytics, Operations Management or Information Management must take three certificate course options that do not already apply to their emphasis/track. Students cannot count courses toward both the OPIM Certificate and Business Analytics, Operations Management or Information Management.

To complete the OPIM certificate requirements, all students must also complete a faculty-supervised OPIM internship (MGMT 4910).

In addition, students are required to maintain an overall GPA of 3.00 or higher for the selected courses and receive a letter grade of B- or higher in each of the three certificate courses. Successful completion of the certificate program will appear on the student's transcript.


Required Business Core Classes
BCOR 2205Introduction to Information Management and Analytics1.5
BCOR 2206Principles of Operations Management1.5
Certificate Course Options
Choose three of the following:9
Accounting Information Systems
Data Visualization
Business Data Management
Low Code for Citizen Developers
Introduction to Python Programming
Leadership in a Digital Age
IT and Business Strategy
Business Analytics
Business Analytics
Advanced Business Analytics
Enterprise Integration Technologies
Customer Success with CRM
Agile Project Management
Information Security Management
Operations Management
Consulting Skills
Supply Chain Management
MGMT 4120
Sustainable Operations
Project Management
International Operations Management
Competitive Strategy
Quality Management
Decision Analytics
Digital Marketing
Systems Thinking
Research Project or Internship
Complete a faculty-supervised OPIM internship:
OPIM Academic Internship
Total Credit Hours12