CU Boulder’s Professional Master of Science degree in Materials Science and Engineering provides students with a wide range of knowledge within the broad industry of materials engineering. Students in the professional master's program complete 30 hours of coursework covering cutting-edge industry topics, such as traditional and emerging materials systems, experimental methods and advanced computational analyses.

For more information, visit the program's Professional Master's Degree webpage.

Bachelor's–Accelerated Master's Degree Program

Students may earn this degree as part of the Bachelor's–Accelerated Master's (BAM) degree program, which allows currently enrolled CU Boulder undergraduate students the opportunity to earn a bachelor's and master's degree in a shorter period of time.

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All Professional Master's students must declare a track by their second semester. Students enrolled in the professional master’s program are not eligible to hold a teaching assistantship or research assistantship appointment. The following course requirements are subject to change; for the most current information, visit the department's coursework webpage. 

Required Core Courses for All Tracks
MSEN 5919Special Topics in MSE (Functional Materials Chemistry)3
MSEN 5370Materials Thermodynamics and Kinetics3
MSEN 5919Special Topics in MSE (Materials Characterization in Engineering)3
Specialized Track Courses12
Students must take four approved track-specific courses
Breadth Electives9
Students must select three breadth electives with approved of the MSE Graduate Advisor. Independent study and MSEN 5000 may count as breadth electives. Prof. MS students may also take up to 6 credit hours of Engineering Management courses.
Total Credit Hours30