The international law certificate program is designed to ratify a student's completion of a concentrated course of study in international law. This certificate will provide students with a grounding in the foundations of private and public international law, and also reflects the interdisciplinary nature of the ever growing international law practice, from international business transactions to international human rights. This certificate signals to potential employers and others that the student has engaged in a sustained course of study regarding international law and practice.


Law students who wish to participate in the international law certificate program should contact the Law School Registrar and the certificate program advisor. 

The international law certificate requires completion of the normal requirements for the JD, and the additional 3 credit hours that are required (total of 92 credit hours). The program can be completed within the normal three-year law degree if a student takes a somewhat heavier than average course load in each semester after the first year of study.

Students must earn a grade of at least a C in each required course. A student who satisfies all of the course requirements for a certificate program would be awarded the certificate "with honors" if the student earned at least an A- average in courses designated by the student as satisfying the certificate requirements.

Required Courses and Credits

 A minimum of 18 credit hours must be obtained in the area of international law as follows:

Core Courses
One of the following:3
Foundations of International Legal Thought
International Law
Three of the following:9
Conflict of Laws
Business and Human Rights
Foundations of International Legal Thought
Global Law & Global Governance
International Business Transactions
International Dispute Settlement
International Environmental Law
International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
International Law
International Trade Law
International Taxation
Regional Human Rights Protection for JD Students
Other courses approved by the program advisor
International Law Seminar
One of the following:2
Seminar: International Human Rights
Seminar: Oil and International Relations
Seminar: Special Topics in International Law
LAWS 8450
Seminar: Theory of Punishment
Other seminars approved by the program advisor
Electives with an international or comparative law component approved by the program advisor4
Total Credit Hours18

The certificate program advisor may approve additional classes as they reasonably fit within the framework of the program requirements below. In the event that a required course is not taught during an academic year, the program advisor shall have discretion to authorize a reasonable substitute course as satisfying a program requirement.