Tuition is assessed at a linear rate based on credit hours. Refer to the Bursar Office’s website for officially approved tuition rates. Students in Specialized Programs on Coursera are granted access to for-credit components of a course after their tuition has been paid and verified. 

Former or current CU Boulder students wishing to enroll in a Specialized Program who have unpaid debts will have these debts automatically deducted from payments made to Specialized Programs and before Specialized Program tuition charges are paid. 

If a student enrolled in a Specialized Program wishes to take additional courses on Main Campus or through Continuing Education, they must enroll through the appropriate channels and will be charged separately for those courses.

In consultation with University Counsel and the Chief Financial Officer’s office, Specialized Programs on the Coursera platform are offered as auxiliary programs. This designation allows CU Boulder to charge the same tuition to resident and non-resident students. It also prevents Specialized Program enrollments from impacting CU Boulder’s mandated resident and non-resident student ratios.  The CU Employee Tuition Assistance Benefit cannot be applied toward auxiliary-funded programs per Administrative Policy Statement (APS) 5024. Auxiliaries (fund 2x’s) are those funds that account for units and activities that generate their own revenue to support the expenses of the individual program. 

If a tuition payment does not process successfully, a financial hold is placed on the student’s account and the student will be prevented from registering for future courses at CU Boulder until the outstanding amount is paid in full.


Student Fees

Student fees will be set in accordance with campus policy.

For additional information regarding tuition and fees, refer to program-specific policies.


Financial Aid

At this time, no federal financial aid will be administered in Specialized Programs.