The Master of Engineering in Engineering Management (ME-EM) program hosted online through the Coursera platform offers stackable graduate-level courses, a graduate certificate, and a fully accredited master’s degree in engineering management. ME-EM and Engineering Management Graduate Certificate on Coursera students earn the same credentials as on-campus students. There are no online or Coursera designations on official CU transcripts or diplomas.

Program Policies

This specialized program does not align with standard campus policies. Please refer to the Specialized Programs section of the catalog for more information.


Admission Requirements

There are no admission processes for learners seeking to earn the Engineering Management Graduate Certificate. All courses attempted and/or completed for credit will appear on an official CU Boulder transcript (unless dropped by the drop deadline) and will count toward the cumulative GPA.

Program Requirements

To earn the Engineering Management Graduate Certificate, students must earn 9 credit hours in the required courses listed below. To earn the certificate, students must have a separately computed minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 across courses applicable toward the certificate. Certificate courses in which grades below C (2.0) are received may not be applied toward the certificate requirements.

Prerequisite Knowledge

There are no formal prerequisites for the Engineering Management Graduate Certificate, but we recommend that prospective students have an undergraduate degree in engineering, science, or a technical field (including areas such as physics, applied mathematics, and computer science). If they do not have an undergraduate degree in engineering or a technical field, we recommend that students try the non-credit versions of courses to test their readiness before upgrading to the for-credit versions.

Required Courses and Credits

Finance for Technical Managers
EMEA 5021Finance for Technical Managers: Product Cost and Investment Cash Flow Analysis1
EMEA 5022Finance for Technical Managers: Project Valuation and the Capital Budgeting Process1
EMEA 5023Finance for Technical Managers: Financial Forecasting and Reporting1
Project Management
EMEA 5031Project Management: Foundations and Initiation1
EMEA 5032Project Management: Project Planning and Execution1
EMEA 5033Project Management: Agile Project Management1
Leading Oneself
EMEA 5051Leading Oneself with Self-Knowledge1
EMEA 5052Leading Oneself with Purpose and Meaning1
EMEA 5053Leading Oneself with Personal Excellence1
Total Credit Hours9

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze personal leadership awareness.
  • Manage complex projects with a systems-approach.
  • Understand the financial implications of engineering decisions.