Students are not admitted to the master’s degree program but may transfer to an MS degree plan if they are in good academic standing for the MS program and have made sufficient progress toward the MS degree. This is an option for graduate students who are not in good academic standing for the PhD program or who have decided to leave the program.


Language Requirement

The department does not require foreign language proficiency for the master's degree.


Administration of preliminary examinations varies, depending on students' entering field. Candidates opting for MS Plan I must pass a master's thesis defense examination at the time they complete their work. MS Plan II does not require a final oral examination.

Required Courses and Credits

There are two methods of obtaining a master’s degree from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Both plans are available only with departmental approval.

Plan I: Thesis

This plan requires 30 credits, including 15 credits of formal coursework, 15 credits in research/seminar courses, the completion of a research investigation and the presentation of a thesis.

Plan II: Research Report

This plan requires 30 credits, including 21 credits of formal coursework plus 9 credits of research/seminar and presentation of a research report, but no thesis.