Colorado Law offers an American Indian law certificate demonstrating the completion of a concentrated course of study in the legal issues facing Native peoples and American Indian tribes. This certificate is attractive to legal, tribal and governmental employers, as well as employers seeking to do business with tribes and tribal members.

Program Requirements

Students must complete at least 92 credit hours (89 credit hours are required for the JD), at least 18 of which are in designated Indian law and related courses.

Required Courses and Credits

Course Requirements
Required courses after the first year (14 credits):
LAWS 7725American Indian Law I3
LAWS 7735American Indian Law II3
LAWS 7309American Indian Law Clinic2-4
Remaining (4) credits may be earned from the following:4
American Indian Law Curriculum
Seminar: Advanced Topics in American Indian Law
Indigenous Peoples in International Law
Cultural Property Law
Seminar: Advanced Topics in American Indian Law
LAWS 7745
Independent Legal Research (on an American Indian law topic) 1
Native American Law Students Association Moot Court Competition
Externship with an American Indian law focus 1
Course from the Native American Indigenous Studies (NAIS) graduate certificate 1
Course in American Indian law at another law school on a topic not regularly offered at Colorado Law 1
Environment and Natural Resources Law Curriculum
Foundations of American Natural Resources Law
Environmental Law
Water Resources
Public Land Law
Seminar: Advanced Natural Resources Law
Global Energy Justice
Climate Change Law and Policy
Climate Justice
Mining and Mineral Development Law
Oil and Gas
Seminar: Oil and International Relations
Energy Law and Regulation
Renewable Energy Project Finance and Development
Government and Public Law Curriculum
Administrative Law
Federal Courts
Civil Rights
Litigation, Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Curriculum
Trial Advocacy
Federal Litigation: Everything but the Trial
Legal Negotiation
Business & Commercial Law Curriculum
Agency, Partnership, and the LLC
Income Taxation
Introduction to the In-House Practice of Law
International and Comparative Law Curriculum
International Law
International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
International Natural Resources Law and Policy
Labor & Employment Curriculum
Employment Law
Labor Law
Employment Discrimination
Property, Trusts and Estates & Land Use Curriculum
Real Estate Transactions
Wills and Trusts
Estate Planning
Land Use Planning
Family & Juvenile Justice Curriculum
Family Law
Juvenile Justice
Domestic Violence
Parent, Child, and State
Legal Theory, Jurisprudence and Social Policy Curriculum
Seminar: Power, Ethics, and Professionalism
LAWS 7525
Law and Religion
LAWS 8450
Research & Writing Curriculum
Advanced Legal Research
Transactional Drafting
Writing in the Regulatory State
Intellectual Property, Technology and Telecommunications Curriculum
Introduction to Intellectual Property Law
Other courses may be approved by the AILP Director and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Total Credit Hours12-14