The outdoor recreation industry sector includes outdoor recreation product manufacturers, supply chains, retailers, lodging and transportation services, guides and resort operators, among a host of others. Demand for advanced outdoor technical apparel, footwear and equipment drives innovation and entrepreneurism. It creates jobs for highly skilled workers in diverse fields such as technology, product design, manufacturing, sustainability and global commerce. In addition to product and service innovation, the sector needs a talent pipeline that understands policy, community economic development and sustainability. Many parts of the industry are committing more resources to social responsibility, community support and environmental sustainability—but do not have the talent sophistication to effectively integrate these objectives.

This certificate provides the knowledge and tools to better integrate sustainability into outdoor recreation industry operations.


Subject Courses (Asynchronous)
OREC 5012Strategic Leadership in the Outdoor Recreation Economy2
OREC 5013Circular Economy and Integration of Sustainable Business Practices2
OREC 5015Building an Outdoor Recreation Enterprise2
OREC 5020The Business of Outdoor Recreation2
Project Course (Synchronous)
OREC 5014Outdoor Recreation Business Project2
Students must complete the four subject courses before enrolling in the project course.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing the program, students will be able to:

  • Gain knowledge of leadership skills for the outdoor recreation industry sector.
  • Gain an understanding of circular economy and sustainable business practices.
  • Learn tools for tracking and measuring sustainability.