The minor in asian studies gives students the opportunity to pursue an interdisciplinary study of Asia, adding an important global perspective and depth to their primary studies. While the minor does not grant credit for foreign language, students are encouraged to study abroad in Asia and gain a strong foundation in the region's history and contemporary dynamics through an array of fascinating coursework. The Asian studies Academic Advisor and Faculty Advisor encourage thematic or regional concentrations within the program, and they are both available for assistance in customizing the minor to meet the needs and interests of individual students. 

For any questions, please email Dr. Lauren Collins. Visit the Asian Studies Minor webpage for additional information.


Required Courses and Credit Hours

Students must take a minimum of 21 credit hours, 12 of which must be upper-division (usually four 3-credit courses). Up to, but no more than, 9 credit hours earned through study abroad can be counted toward the minor.

All coursework applied to the minor must be completed with a grade of C- or better; no pass/fail work may be applied. The grade point average for all minor degree coursework must be equal to 2.000 (C) or higher.

Students are allowed to apply no more than 9 credit hours, including 6 upper-division credit hours, of transfer work toward a minor.

Required Courses
ASIA 2000Gateway to Modern Asia: Exploring Regional Connections3
Traditional Asian Civilizations: Two courses from two different civilizations (see link below).6
Modern Asian Civilizations: One upper-division course (see link below).3
Upper-Division Electives
The remaining credits are fulfilled through a variety of available upper-division electives (see link below)9
Total Credit Hours21

Traditional Asian Civilizations

Students take two introductory courses, choosing one from each of two different civilizations (East Asia, South Asia, West Asia, or Southeast Asia); 6 credit hours minimum. For a list of possible courses see the requirements on the Asian Studies - Bachelor of Arts (BA) page and scroll down to the traditional Asian civilizations courses. One of the two required traditional Asian civilizations courses can be replaced by Asian language coursework that totals at least 3-credits.

Modern Asian Civilizations

Students take one course; 3 credit hours. See the requirements on the Asian Studies - Bachelor of Arts (BA) page and scroll down to the modern Asian civilizations courses.

Upper-Division Electives

Students take at least 3 courses (9 upper-division credits, minimum). See the requirements on the Asian Studies - Bachelor of Arts (BA) page and scroll down to the electives courses for possible choices. One upper-division Asian language course can count as an upper-division elective (as long as language coursework has not been applied already to the traditional Asian civilizations requirement).

After meeting the modern Asian civilizations requirement, additional upper-division courses from that category may also be be taken as electives. ASIA 4830 can also be taken as an elective.