The graduate certificate in interdisciplinary documentary media practices (IDMP) is a 12-credit-hour certificate program that is open to any student pursuing a graduate degree in any department at CU Boulder. In the program, students integrate documentary media practices into their research. The core of the program is the documentary lab, in which students from a wide range of disciplines develop and workshop projects at various stages of completion. The program also takes advantage of masterclasses and other opportunities offered by the Center for Documentary and Ethnographic Media.


Application Guidelines

To be accepted into the program, students must be a graduate student in good standing with the Graduate School, submit a statement of interest to the Associate Chair of Graduate Studies, and meet with the Associate Chair to discuss to their goals as a student in the program. Acceptance into the program is at the discretion of the Associate Chair.

For more information about this program, view the department website or contact the Associate Chair of Graduate Studies or CMCI Graduate Advising.

Required Courses and Credits

The IDMP certificate requires the successful completion of 9 credit hours of any seminar courses, production workshops and topics course listed below.

The certificate program can usually be completed in one to two years. After the course requirements are met, students must provide a transcript to the Associate Chair of Graduate Studies. The certificate will appear on the student’s record at that time or upon graduation.

CMDP 5100Research and Methodologies Seminar3
CMDP 5450Contemporary Documentary Media3
CMDP 5500Documentary Production Workshops3
CMDP 5600Documentary Lab Seminar3
CMDP 5650Documentary Field Work3
CMDP 5900Documentary Production Topics3
CMDP 6500Producing Practicum5
CMDP 6841Independent Study1-3
CMDP 6871Special Topics3


Students have access to DCMP equipment, facilities and other resources as long as they are enrolled in a course that fulfills certificate requirements.