The department offers courses in language and literature, ancient history, art and archaeology, and philosophy within several programs of study. Classics ranks among the most vibrant programs in humanistic studies at the University of Colorado, a department in which students at every level are challenged to integrate the world of scholarship into their daily lives. The department offers a minor in classics that can satisfy your needs.


Program Requirements

A classics minor offers students enormous flexibility. Students must:

  • Take at least 18 credits, including at least 9 upper-division credits.
  • Maintain at least a 2.0 GPA in any Classics courses, or any of a number of additional approved courses (see below).

Students may explore the great variety of the classical world or really focus on one or more aspects of it that ignite their curiosity and love. 

Required Courses and Credits

Approved Courses
All GREK courses (Greek)
All LATN courses (Latin)
All CLAS courses (Literature, Culture, Thought; Ancient History; Art & Archaeology; Honors Thesis)
All classes a student takes in another department that are cross-listed with CLAS
Special Topics in Art History
Art Museum Internship
History of Ancient Philosophy
If a student is taking a different class in another department that might pertain to a classics major/minor and they wish to have count in place of one of the approved courses listed above, they should bring that course to the attention of  the Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies in Classics. Substitutions may be possible.