A minor is offered in philosophy. Declaration of a philosophy minor is open to any student enrolled at CU Boulder, regardless of college or school.


For the minor in philosophy, students must take 18 credit hours in philosophy (PHIL), earning 18 credit hours with a grade of C- or better and a 2.00 (C) average for all work attempted in philosophy. Of these 18 credit hours in philosophy, 9 must be upper-division with grades of C- or better. Students may apply toward a minor no more than 9 hours of transfer credits, no more than 6 hours of which may be upper-division. 

There are no distribution requirements for a minor in philosophy: any six 3-credit-hour philosophy courses will do, so long as at least three are upper-division. However, for a well-rounded course of study, the Philosophy Department recommends the courses below.

Recommended Courses

At least one course in Logic, such as:
Critical Thinking
Symbolic Logic
History of Philosophy
At least one course in the History of Philosophy, such as:
Introduction to Western Philosophy: Ancient
Introduction to Western Philosophy: Modern
History of Ancient Philosophy
History of Modern Philosophy
At least one course in Values, such as:
Contemporary Social Problems
Poverty, Power, and Patriotism: Issues of Global Justice
Philosophy and Race
Philosophy and Gender
Ethical Theory
Social and Political Philosophy
At least one course in Metaphysics/Epistemology, such as:
Knowledge, Mind, and Reality
Philosophy and the Sciences
Philosophy and Religion
Philosophy of Religion
Free Will and Determinism
Philosophy of Science

Plan(s) of Study

The philosophy minor is entirely elective, though students should pay attention to required and recommended prerequisites when selecting their classes.