A minor in Hindi/Urdu studies can be selected by students who wish to gain a basic understanding of the language as well as history, culture and literary traditions of South Asia. 

Please contact the department's undergraduate academic advisor for any questions.


A minimum of 19 credit hours must be taken in Hindi/Urdu language and literature courses, including a total of 9 upper-division credit hours.

All coursework applied to the minor must be completed with a grade of C- or better. The GPA for all minor coursework must equal 2.00 or higher. No pass/fail work may be applied. Students are allowed to apply no more than 9 credit hours, including 6 upper-division credit hours, of transfer work toward a minor.

Required Courses and Credits

Language Requirement
HIND 2110Intermediate Hindi 15
HIND 2120Intermediate Hindi 25
Choose at least three upper-division, 3-credit-hour HIND courses:9
Advanced Hindi 1
Advanced Hindi 2
Screening India: A History of Bollywood Cinema
Living Indian Epics: The Ramayana and the Mahabharata in the Modern Political Imagination
South Asian Diasporas: Imagining Home Abroad
The Power of the Word: Subversive and Censored 20th Century Indo-Pakistani Literature
The Many Faces of Krishna in South Asia Literature and Culture
Devotional Literature in South Asia
Total Credit Hours19