Peace, Conflict and Security Program (PACS)
Dr. Michael D. English
121 UCB
University of Colorado Boulder
Boulder, CO 80309

The Certificate in Peace, Conflict and Security Studies (PACS) is designed to help students explore why conflict and violence occur, and to develop practical, nonviolent skills to analyze, intervene and resolve conflicts in their personal life, in their communities and between countries. The certificate is granted by the College of Arts and Sciences. All enrolled CU Boulder undergraduate students, regardless of school or major, may apply for and earn the PACS Certificate.  

The program utilizes an interdisciplinary perspective on the study of conflict, cooperation, violence, war and peacemaking. Coursework focuses on theorizing and analyzing various levels of conflict, from the interpersonal to international, and related possibilities for personal and social change. Coursework also emphasizes the development of transferable skills and experiential learning in conflict resolution and civic activism. The program encourages hands-on, “in the field” engagement through volunteer service, enrollment in study-abroad programs and internship placement with related agencies and programs.  

For more information or an application, visit the Peace, Conflict and Security Studies Program website.

Course code for this program is PACS.


Completion of the certification requires 18 credit hours (9 upper-division) of study, up to six (6) of these credit hours may completed through approved transfer credit. Each of these courses must be completed with a grade of C- or better. These courses must also include:

Required Courses and Credit Hours

Required Courses
PACS 2500Introduction to Peace, Conflict and Security Studies3
PACS 3700Communication and Conflict Management3
or PACS 3850 International Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding
PACS 4500Senior Seminar: Research in Conflict Contexts3
or PACS 4900 Undergraduate Independent Study
PACS Elective 1
Choose one course (3 credits) from the following:3
Migration, Human Rights, and Conflict in the Mediterranean
Communication and Conflict Management
Security Studies
International Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding
Environmental Conflict and Conflict Resolution
Nonviolent Civil Resistance: Movements and Strategies
Senior Seminar: Research in Conflict Contexts
Undergraduate Independent Study
Outside PACS Electives 2
6 credit hours of relevant course work related to PACS from non-PACS courses6
Total Credit Hours18