This certificate program allows graduate students across campus who are interested in Jewish studies to explore Jewish culture, history, society, and thought in a number of disciplines. Jewish studies also provides intensive mentoring of graduate research and writing projects through the Jewish Studies Graduate Student Colloquium.


Admission Requirements

This graduate certificate is open to all currently matriculated graduate students. Students may apply for the graduate certificate at any point in their graduate career at CU. For more information, view the Jewish Studies website.

Course Requirements

Successful completion of 3 graduate courses (9 credit hours) with a grade of B or higher from Jewish Studies' list of approved graduate courses, issued every semester, which comprises graduate courses crosslisted in the Program in Jewish Studies as well as approved courses taught by faculty in the Program in Jewish Studies. If you think a course is missing from this list, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies.

Students may petition the graduate studies committee to have a maximum of one graduate level course (including independent study courses) from outside this list, if that course contains significant Jewish Studies content and the student’s completed work for that course is related to Jewish Studies.

Approved Courses
JWST 5200Religion and Reproductive Politics in the United States3
JWST 5348Graduate Topics in Jewish History (Modern Childhood in Israel/Palestine)3
JWST 5800Ethics, Medicine and the Holocaust: Legacies in Health and Society3
JWST 5900Graduate Independent Study in Jewish Studies1-6
ENGL 5109Literature and Culture of the United States (Jewish American Literature)3
GRMN 5410Seminar: Topics in Early 20th Century German Society (Ruins of Modernity)3
GRMN 5520Seminar: Current Issues in German Literature and Media (Depending on Semester Syllabus )3
HIST 5544History of Yiddish Culture3
HIST 6012Readings in Modern European History (depending on the semester syllabus)3
HIST 6800Readings in Global History (Global History of Genocide - depending on the semester syllabus)3
HIST 6800Readings in Global History (Microhistory - depending on the semester syllabus)3
RLST 5170God and Politics3
RLST 5180Is God Dead?3
RLST 5190Love and Desire3
RLST 5260Topics in Judaism3
RLST 5820Interdisciplinary Seminar on Religion (Mediterranean Religious Society)3
RLST 5820Interdisciplinary Seminar on Religion (Medieval Spain: Religion, Culture and Ethnicity)3
RUSS 5401


The certificate requires two semesters of participation in the Program in Jewish Studies Graduate Student Colloquium, which meets three times per semester. Participation will be defined as attendance at two colloquium sessions in a given semester and presentation of a work in progress during that semester.