Central and East European Studies
Director, Professor Laura Osterman
T: 303-492-7729

Students who seek in-depth, interdisciplinary knowledge of the region are encouraged to pursue the certificate in Central and East European studies (CEES). The certificate program offers students the opportunity to explore the cultures, history and politics of the nations of Central and Eastern Europe from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.

The purpose of the certificate program is to enhance, rather than to replace, the department major. Students work with CEES faculty advisors to plan an appropriate certificate program. The certificate is awarded in addition to a bachelor’s degree in another field.


Completion of the certificate requires the completion of 18 credits (9 upper-division) of approved courses with grades of C- or higher. No more than 9 credits in courses with the same course prefix can be used to fulfill CEES certificate requirements, and only 6 semester credit hours transferred from other institutions can be used to fulfill certificate requirements.1

Students pursuing the CEES certificate are strongly encouraged to take advantage of a recognized study abroad program in eastern Europe affiliated with CU Boulder. Courses taken on such a program, as approved by the certificate director, count toward the certificate in CEES even though it is not possible to list them below.

Required Courses and Credits

Core Course
CEES 1623Introduction to Central and East European History since 17703
15 additional credit hours of approved CEES coursework from the list below. At least 9 credits need to be upper-division. 215
Total Credit Hours18


Art History
ARTH 4929Special Topics in Art History 11-3
German Culture (Taught in English)
GRMN 1601Germany Today3
GRMN 1602Metropolis and Modernity3
GRMN 1701Nature and Environment in German Literature and Thought3
GRMN 2141Topics in Modern German Culture and Society
GRMN 2301Inside Nazi Germany: Politics, Culture, and Everyday Life in the Third Reich3
GRMN 2402Sports and Athleticism in German and Global Culture
GRMN 2501Miniatures of Modrn Life: From Berlin to Vienna and Beyond3
GRMN 2504Gothic, Horror, and Fantasy
GRMN 2502Representing the Holocaust3
GRMN 2503Fairy Tales of Germany3
GRMN 2601Kafka and the Kafkaesque3
GRMN 2603Moral Dilemmas in Philosophy and Literature3
GRMN 3141Topics in Modern German Culture and Society3
GRMN 3301Modern Art and Design at the Bauhaus
GRMN 3501The German-Jewish Experience: From the Enlightenment to the Present3
GRMN 3502Literature in the Age of Goethe3
GRMN 3503German Film Through World War II3
GRMN 3504Topics in German Film3
GRMN 3505The Enlightenment: Tolerance and Emancipation3
GRMN 3506Tracing the Criminal: Crime in 19th C Society and Culture3
GRMN 3507Engineering and the Practice of Literature 3
GRMN 3508Masters of Suspicion: Marx, Nietzsche, Freud3
GRMN 3513German Film and Society 1945-19893
GRMN 3514German Film & Society After 19893
GRMN 3601German Women Writers3
GRMN 3681Refugees in German Culture3
GRMN 3702Dada and Surrealist Literature3
GRMN 3802Politics and Culture in Berlin 1900-19393
GRMN 4051Critical Theory of the Frankfurt School3
GRMN 4231The Invention of Sexuality3
GRMN 4251Marxism3
GRMN 4301Gender, Race and Immigration in Germany and Europe3
GRMN 4501Seminar: Literature in Cultural Context3
GRMN 4502Nietzsche: Literature and Values3
GRMN 4503Issues in German Thought3
GRMN 4504Goethe's Faust3
German Culture (Taught in German)
GRMN 3050German for Science and Engineering
GRMN 3110German Literature from the Avant-garde to the Postmodern3
GRMN 3120German Literature from the Enlightenment to Expressionism3
GRMN 3130Issues in German Philosophy and Literature3
GRMN 3140Current Issues in German Literature3
GRMN 3150Issues in German Politics and Literature3
GRMN 3520Open Topics in the Cultural Context3
GRMN 3900Independent Study1-6
GRMN 3930Internship1-6
GRMN 4330The Age of Goethe3
GRMN 4340Seminar in German Literature3
GRMN 4450Methods of Teaching German3
GRMN 4460High School German Teaching6
GRMN 4550Senior Seminar in German Studies3
GRMN 4900Independent Study1-6
HIST 1012Empire, Revolution and Global War: European History Since 16003
HIST 1830Global History of Holocaust and Genocide3
HIST 2100Revolution in History 13
HIST 2110History of Early Modern Societies 13
HIST 2220History of War and Society 13
HIST 3012Seminar in Modern European History 13
HIST 3212Seminar in Early Modern Europe 13
HIST 3414Seminar in Modern European Thought and Culture 13
HIST 3713Seminar in Russian History3
HIST 4040The History of Space Exploration and Defense3
HIST 4050A Global History of World War II3
HIST 4122Europe During the Renaissance3
HIST 4212The Age of Religious Wars: Reformation Europe,1500-16483
HIST 4222War and the European State, 1618-17933
HIST 4232From Revolt to Revolution: Europe in an Age of Global Enlightenment, 1648-17893
HIST 431219th Century Europe3
HIST 4412Europe, 1890-19453
HIST 4414European Thought and Culture, 1750-18703
HIST 4422World War I in Europe3
HIST 4423German History 1848-1989: Weimar Republic, Nazism, State Socialism3
HIST 4424Modern European Thought and Culture, 1870-Present3
HIST 4442Europe since 19453
HIST 4433Nazi Germany and the Holocaust3
HIST 4444Topics in Modern European Thought 13
HIST 4623History of Eastern Europe Since 19143
HIST 4643Poland since the 16th Century: Democracy and Nation3
HIST 4713History of Russia through the 17th Century3
HIST 4723Imperial Russia3
HIST 4803Special Topics in European History 13
HIST 4733The Russian Revolution and the Soviet Regime3
Jewish Studies
JWST 1828Jewish History Since 14923
JWST 1830Global History of Holocaust and Genocide3
JWST 2350Introduction to Jewish Culture3
JWST 2502Representing the Holocaust3
JWST 2551Modern Jewish Literature3
JWST 3100Judaism3
JWST 3110Of Jewish Legends, Folktales and the Supernatural3
JWST 3401The Heart of Europe: Filmmakers and Writers in 20th Century Central Europe3
JWST 3501The German-Jewish Experience: From the Enlightenment to the Present3
JWST 3600Contemporary Jewish Societies3
JWST 3681Refugees in German Culture
JWST 4122Music in Jewish Culture3
JWST 4180Is God Dead?3
JWST 4534Modern European Jewish History3
JWST 4544History of Yiddish Culture3
JWST 4580The Holocaust: An Anthropological Perspective3
JWST 4800Ethics, Medicine and the Holocaust: Legacies in Health and Society3
Russian Culture (Taught in English)
RUSS 1112Astronauts and Astropolitics: Space Exploration from the Cold War to the Future of Innovation3
RUSS 2121Topics in Russian, East European and Eurasian Culture
RUSS 2211Russian Culture and Art Under Tsars Great and Terrible 3
RUSS 2221Introduction to Modern Russian and Soviet Culture3
RUSS 2222Sports and the Cold War3
RUSS 2231Fairy Tales of Russia3
RUSS 2241Death and the Undead in Slavic and Nordic Cultures3
RUSS 2261Madness and Gambling: Russian Short Stories of Life on the Edge3
RUSS 2271Space, Invention, and Wonder in Fairy Tales, Literature and Film3
RUSS 2311Energy Cultures: Oil, Coal, and Atoms in Modern Literature and Film3
RUSS 2471Women in Russian Culture: From Folklore to the Nineteenth Century3
RUSS 2501Russia Beyond the Headlines: Media, Politics, Culture, and Environment3
RUSS 3121
RUSS 3221Space Race in Russian and American Culture3
RUSS 3231Laughter in Slavic Cultures3
RUSS 3241Red Star Trek: Russian Science Fiction Between Utopia and Dystopia3
RUSS 3301Russia, Eastern Europe and Eurasia Today through Film and TV3
RUSS 3251Arctic Thrillers: Environment, Landscape and Literature of the Far North3
RUSS 3333Spies Like Us: Espionage in the Culture of the Cold War and Beyond3
RUSS 3601Russian Culture Past and Present3
RUSS 3701Slavic Folk Culture: Ideals and Values in the Contemporary World3
RUSS 3705Crimes of Passion: Gender and Sexual Politics in Tolstoy's Russia3
RUSS 4120Russia after Communism: Post-Soviet Politics and Culture3
RUSS 4210Topics in Russian, East European and Eurasian Culture3
RUSS 4211History of Russian and Soviet Cinema3
RUSS 4221Stalinism: Culture and Society3
RUSS 4251Russian and Soviet Queer Culture3
RUSS 4301American-Russian Cultural Relations3
RUSS 4321Mythological Russia and Ukraine3
RUSS 4431Dostoevsky3
RUSS 4441Tolstoy3
RUSS 4451Chekhov3
RUSS 4471Women in 20th-21st Century Russian, East European and Eurasian Cultures3
RUSS 4481Rogues to Revolutionaries: Russian Rebels, Past and Present3
RUSS 4811Seeds of Revolt: 19th-Century Russian Literature3
RUSS 482120th-Century Russian Literature and Art3
RUSS 4831Contemporary Russian Literature3
RUSS 4851Critical Thinking: Russian Film and Society 3
RUSS 4861Absurd and Supernatural in Russian Literature3
RUSS 4871
Russian Culture (Taught in Russian)
RUSS 3900Independent Study1-6
RUSS 3930Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies Internship1-6
RUSS 4050Professional Russian4
RUSS 4220Topics in Russian, East European and Eurasian Culture (in Russian)3
RUSS 4230Russian Cultural Idioms3
RUSS 4850Russian Film and Society 4
RUSS 4900Independent Study1-6
Social Science
ANTH 4580The Holocaust: An Anthropological Perspective3
ECON 4514Economic History of Europe3
GEOG 3842Human Geography of Czechia: Political, Economic and Social Transitions3
GEOG 3882Geography of the Former Soviet Union3
LIBB 2100Russian Revolutions: Social and Artistic3
PSCI 3022Russian Politics3
PSCI 3062Revolution and Political Violence 13
PSCI 4002Western European Politics3
PSCI 4062East European Politics3
PSCI 4213Europe and the International System3
GRMN 3681Refugees in German Culture3