The Department of Art and Art History offers a minor in art practices for undergraduate students who are interested in studio arts.


The requirements for the minor in art practices include:

  • a minimum of 21 credit hours in art practices coursework, including 9 credit hours at the upper-division level.
  • all coursework applied to the minor must be completed with a grade of C- or better; no pass/fail work may be applied. The grade point average for all minor degree coursework must be equal to 2.00 (C) or higher
  • students are allowed to apply no more than 9 credit hours, including 6 upper-division credit hours, of transfer work toward a minor

Art history majors may apply ARTS 1010 and ARTS 1020 (both major requirements) toward the completion of an art practices minor, but may not apply non-major electives toward completion of the minor.

Required Courses and Credits

ARTS 1010Introduction to Studio Art3
ARTS 1020Introduction to Studio Art 23
At least 6 credits of ARTS courses at the 2000-level6
At least 9 credits of ARTS courses at the 3000- or 4000-level9
Total Credit Hours21

Learning Outcomes

  • Creativity and making: Students will be able to generate novel and intentional ideas, and demonstrate those ideas through making art that is responsive to their own interests and the world around them.
  • Disciplinary skill and technique: Students will demonstrate mastery of the skills and techniques intrinsic to at least one chosen discipline.
  • Recognize current and historical frameworks: Students will examine the historical and contemporary issues surrounding their art, the art of others, and the broader global art discourse.
  • Develop criticality and analyze complexity: Students will communicate in dialogue and in writing the multilayered concepts and relative contexts of their own and other’s art.
  • Students will demonstrate curiosity, initiative, rigor, and persistence, while seeking knowledge. Students will be able to work independently or collaboratively to achieve their goals.