With the increasing importance of world issues to the United States, employment opportunities in government, international organizations and business continue to expand. Today there is an urgent need for college graduates with a background in international affairs. To meet this need, the University of Colorado Boulder offers a minor in international affairs, giving students in various programs an interdisciplinary perspective on the world today.


Required Courses and Credits

Complete the lower-division, upper-division and capstone requirements below for a total of 19 credits. 

  • All coursework applied to the minor must be completed with a grade of C- or better (no pass/fail work may be applied).
  • The grade point average for all minor degree coursework must equal 2.00 (a grade of C) or higher.
  • Students may apply no more than 9 credit hours of transfer work towards the minor.
Lower-Division Requirement
IAFS 1000Global Issues and International Affairs4
Upper-Division Electives
Complete 12 credits of upper-division electives from the IAFS functional areas. Electives must be chosen from at least three of the four IAFS functional areas. Students cannot apply more than two IAFS Functional Area classes from any one discipline/department (e.g., PSCI, ECON).12
Development and Culture (Functional Area I)
Explorations in Anthropology (approved topics only)
Cross-Cultural Aspects of Socioeconomic Development
Intercultural Communication
Economic Development and Policy
Migration, Immigrant Adaptation, and Development
Topics in Economic Development, History and Political Economy
Economic Development
Economic Growth
Who Runs the World? Sex, Power, and Gender in Geography
International Development: Economics, Power, and Place
Introduction to Global Public Health
Development Geography
Health and Medical Geography
Contemporary Jewish Societies
Arctic Society and Culture
Data Analysis for Global Environmental Affairs
Cities of the Global South
World Language Policies
Music and Global Health
Environmental Conflict and Conflict Resolution
Global Development
Critical Thinking in Development
International Migration and Policy
Population and Society
Gender and Development
Global Human Ecology
Social Inequalities in Health
Global Gender Issues
Sex, Power, Politics: International Perspectives
International Economics, Business, Political Economy (Functional Area II)
International Economics and Policy
Environmental Economics
International Trade
International Finance
The New Institutional Economics: Institutions, Contracts and Economic Outcomes
Environmental Economics
Special Topics in Finance
International Business and Management
International Business and Marketing
International Financial Management
Comparative Political Economy
International Political Economy
Political Geography, International Security, Foreign Policy (Functional Area III)
The Holocaust: An Anthropological Perspective
Place, Power, and Contemporary Culture
Political Geography
Topics in Environment and Society (approved topics only)
Geographies of Political Islam
A Global History of World War II
History of U.S. Foreign Relations Since 1941
U.S. Military History since 1898
The Vietnam War in US Politics and Culture
Islam, Geopolitics and Society: Gender, Identity and Place
French Connections: Contemporary France and America in Historical Context
History of Arab-Israeli Conflict
Security Studies
War and Morality
War, Peace, and Strategic Defense
Current Affairs in International Relations
American Foreign Policy
International Behavior
Modern Warfare: Terrorism, Ideology, Identity
International Institutions, Rights and Norms (Functional Area IV)
Global Islams
Human Rights: Historical Perspectives
Radical Nationalism in Contemporary Northern Europe
Nonviolent Social Movements
Music and Violence
International Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding
Nonviolent Civil Resistance: Movements and Strategies
Philosophy and the International Order
Global Issues in Leadership
Revolution and Political Violence
International Law
International Organizations
Politics of Ethnicity and Nationalism
Global Issues
Inequality, Democracy, and the Environment
Sociology of Religion
Women in Islam
Topics in Global Gender and Sexuality Studies (SS)
Gender, Genocide and Mass Trauma
Gender Politics and Global Activism
IAFS 3000Special Topics in International Affairs3
Total Credit Hours19