The College of Music is pleased to offer an 18-credit certificate in music technology.

The curriculum consists of a variety of courses designed to provide a strong background in using technology to compose and produce music. The courses range from an introductory survey of music software and hardware to in depth studies of DSP, synthesis, algorithmic composition, recording and post-production techniques, film scoring, and many other topics. The software used in many of the classes includes Logic Pro, ProTools, Abelton Live, Finale, Lilypond, MAX, PD, SuperCollider, CSound, Final Cut Pro, Audacity, SoundHack and Spear.

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This certificate requires 18 credit hours, including five music technology courses.

The certificate program is available to all undergraduates in good standing with the university. Music majors should enroll under the MUSC heading and non-majors should use the MUEL heading. For those courses that do not have an MUEL prefix, non-majors will need instructor permission to enroll in the class.

To qualify for the certificate, the 2061 introductory course must be successfully completed or in-progress.

Music Technology12
Introduction to Music Technology
Prepared for the Soundcheck
Recording Techniques
Composing at the Computer
Topics in Music Technology 1
Arts and Sciences Special Topics
Special Topics in Creative Technology and Design
Advanced Special Topics in Creative Technology & Design
Sound and Vision
Sound Practices
Sound and Technology
Concepts and Practices of Contemporary Media
Computer Science 1: Starting Computing
Computer Systems
Circuits and Electronics for Mechanical Engineers
Principles of Audio Production
Topics in Music Technology 1
Advanced Recording
Light and Color for Nonscientists
Sound and Music
Total Credit Hours18