Whether working for a large global corporation or a small start-up venture, graduates will be valued for their ability to innovate, lead change, recognize emerging markets and launch new products. The entrepreneurial studies program is designed to develop an individual's abilities to create, discover and exploit opportunities in start-up ventures or existing organizations. 

The entrepreneurial studies program at the Leeds School of Business is internationally recognized for the quality of its instruction and the capabilities of our students. Within the Leeds School, the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship has served as a rich resource for students with interests in entrepreneurship—coordinating the academic curriculum, providing help with internship and job placement, creating links with the business community and sponsoring networking opportunities and many special events.

The curriculum focuses on experiential learning. Courses are designed to give students hands-on experiences that develop the ability to act on opportunities. Students may begin the study of entrepreneurship in their junior year.


A certificate in entrepreneurial studies is granted to students who fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Complete the 12 credits listed below.
  2. Earn at least a 3.00 GPA in the three ESBM courses.
  3. Complete an approved 60-hour entrepreneurship internship with a start-up company who's been in business for 5 years or less and has less than 200 employees and complete a 2-3 page write-up about it.
  4. Engage in the entrepreneurship ecosystem (attend minimum of 8 events) and provide a short write-up on their experiences.
  5. Pass a written exam in entrepreneurship at the conclusion of their studies.

Required Courses and Credits

BCOR 2301Business Law1.5
BCOR 2304Strategic and Entrepreneurial Thinking1.5
ESBM 3700Entrepreneurial Environments3
ESBM 4570Entrepreneurial Finance3
ESBM 4830New Venture Creation3
Total Credit Hours12

Note: Students seeking internships should complete ESBM 3700 prior to their internship.

For more information, visit the Leeds School's Deming Center for Entrepreneurship webpage.