The Certificate in Music Entrepreneurship is an innovative program administered by the Entrepreneurship Center for Music (ECM) in partnership with the Leeds School of Business.

The certificate, open to music majors only, will include a minor in business plus academic and experiential credits within the College of Music. This robust curriculum positions the College of Music among the nation’s leading programs in arts entrepreneurship.

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The undergraduate certificate in music entrepreneurship requires a minor in business (12 credit hours), plus six academic and experiential credit hours within the College of Music.

To qualify for the certificate, MUSC 2918 Building Your Music Career must be successfully completed or in-progress.

Interested students should elect participation in the certificate program by no later than the end of the sophomore year. 

Music Courses6
Building Your Music Career
The Entrepreneurial Artist
Music Entrepreneurship Certificate Capstone
Business Minor Courses9
Principles of Marketing
and Principles of Management
Principles of Accounting
and Principles of Finance
Professional Business Plan Development
Track Courses3
Choose one:
Product Development I
and Product Development II
Business and Financial Analytics I
and Business and Financial Analytics II
Business Leadership
Doing Business in Europe
Introduction to Real Estate
Total Credit Hours18