The professional certificate in string quartet performance is designed to provide intensive performance experiences and coaching for those that have the potential for a career in string quartet performance. An earned baccalaureate degree in performance is the minimum requirement for admission into this program.

Students are provided both coaching and individualized instruction, with extensive opportunities for performance, as well as elective studies in entrepreneurship, in preparation for a performance career. Although each student applies individually, quartets are expected to audition as a pre-formed ensemble for admission to this program. This is a two-year program with only one ensemble in residence at a time.


Admission Requirements

Admissions requirements for this program include completing all required university graduate admission requirements, submitting a CU Boulder application, three letters of recommendation, a pre-screening recorded audition, performing a live audition and being interviewed by faculty.

Required Courses and Credits

Requirements in Major Area
PMUS 6696Viola (two semesters for one year) 14
or PMUS 6706 Violin
or PMUS 6716 Violoncello
TMUS 6956Master's Thesis (chamber music recitals; two semesters) 24
TMUS 6957Master's Thesis 2 (chamber music recitals; two semesters) 24
EMUS 5327Symphony Orchestra (two semesters) 32
Other Requirements in Music
Entrepreneurship (selected from the following) 42
Building Your Music Career
The Entrepreneurial Artist
Introduction to Arts Administration
Additional credits in the College of Music at the 4000- or 5000-level. 54
Total Credit Hours20