Health Law Program
John A. Francis, Program Director

Law students may demonstrate to employers that they are prepared to practice health law and lead in the administration financing, organization policy-making and delivery of health care by earning a health law & policy certificate (HLP). 

The HLP certificate not only prepares students to practice law in areas such as health care administration, organization, financing, public interest advocacy and public health, but also allows students to take advantage of the wealth of resources and courses related to health and health care in the Law School and throughout the University of Colorado system. Colorado Law surveyed health law employers and heard from them that the HLP certificate will move law graduate resumes to the top of the applicant pile.

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To qualify for the HLP certificate, a student must earn 92 credit hours—three more than required for a regular JD degree—and at least 20 credit hours must be earned in courses approved in the health law and policy curriculum. Students awarded the health law & policy certificate will carry the notation of their concentration on their Law School transcripts. Moreover, students may earn the "Certificate With Honors" notation by earning a cumulative average grade of at least A- in the designated courses.  

A full list of the designated courses and HLP certificate requirements may be found in Law School Rules.

Mandatory Core Courses9
Health Law and Policy
Administrative Law
Intermediate Courses
Choose one:
Health Law 2: Medical Malpractice and Quality Regulation
Bioethics and Law
Corporate Transactions in Health Law
Seminar: Comparative Constitutional Law
Mandatory Writing Course2-3
Choose one:
Transactional Drafting
Contract Drafting
Legislative and Policy Drafting
Writing in the Regulatory State
Advanced Legal Writing
Advanced Legal Research and Writing for Practice
Elective Courses5-6
Choose two:
Business Planning
Business Transactions
Mergers, Acquisitions and Reorganizations
Agency, Partnership, and the LLC
Insurance Law
Non-Profit Law
Corporate Taxation
Survey of Business Enterprise Tax
Partnership Taxation
Statutory Interpretation
Immigration and Citizenship Law
Seminar: Class and Law
Seminar: Law and Politics Colloquium: Race in America
Poverty Law
Law and Neuroscience
Refugee and Asylum Law
Local Government
Seminar: Food Law and Policy
Domestic Violence
Seminar: Advanced Information Privacy
Climate Justice
International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
Seminar: Comparative Public Health Law and Ethics
Legal Negotiation
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Interdisciplinary Electives
Social Disparities in Health
Additional elective course options 1
Capstone Course(s) 24
Poverty, Health and Law 1
Legal Aid Civil Practice 1 3
Extern Program
Total Credit Hours20