Students who pursue the medieval and early modern studies (MEMS) certificate are free to take a variety of courses offered in numerous departments across the CU Boulder campus. In consultation with the CMEMS director, each student can tailor the certificate to meet their intellectual interests in the study of premodern Europe and its global influence. Students usually earn the certificate in tandem with a BA degree in history, classics or English, and find the analytical and linguistic skills particularly useful for graduate work in history and law.



Students must complete at least 24 credits of approved coursework, as follows.

Required Courses and Credits

Select one of the following lower-division introductory survey courses:3
ARTH 1300
ARTH 1400
Greeks, Romans, Kings & Crusaders: European History to 1600
Introduction to Humanities: Literature 1
Introduction to Humanities: Literature 2
Introduction to Humanities: Art and Music 1
Introduction to Humanities: Art and Music 2
Senior-level seminar:3
Medieval and Early Modern Studies: Special Topics (or equivalent) 1
Capstone Seminar:3
Medieval and Early Modern Studies: Texts and Contexts (or equivalent) (with a minimum grade of B) 1
Five electives, at least four of which must be upper-division and two of which must be in disciplines other than the student's major15
Total Credit Hours24