Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) graduate programs focus on teaching and learning in the following curricular areas: Literacy Studies (master’s and PhD), Math & Science (master’s and PhD), Humanities (master’s only) and Research on Teaching and Teacher Education (PhD only). Additionally, the MA+ teacher licensure program leads to a Colorado initial teaching license plus a master's degree in C&I. Coursework focuses on foundations of learning, foundations of education and subject matter knowledge and pedagogy. The programs prepare students to understand the complexities of classroom contexts and teaching practice.

The C&I master’s programs are closely associated with a special program in the School of Education – Partners in Education (PIE). The program allows beginning teachers to teach in K–12 schools, receive professional support in their classrooms, and concurrently earn a master’s degree.

The C&I PhD program is a research-oriented degree program that combines rigorous preparation for teaching and research in specific content areas with particular attention devoted to curriculum and instruction, cognitive and social processes, and research methodology. Specialty areas include Literacy Studies, Mathematics Education, Science Education and Research on Teaching and Teacher Education (ROTATE). It is an ideal degree for those interested in the processes of instruction and learning within one of the previously mentioned content areas, and/or in the education and professional development of teachers. This degree is intended for those interested in preparing for careers in research and teaching in university settings, educational leadership and services to schools, or research and development in the private or non-profit sector.