In the Master of Outdoor Recreation Economy (MORE) graduate degree program, the outdoor recreation economy is viewed holistically. It links public lands, the communities that sit alongside them, and the outdoor recreation industry.

This certificate explores the interaction between these nodes of the outdoor recreation economy and lays the foundation for the MORE degree program. Courses in the certificate introduce public lands and natural resources policy, challenges and opportunities for community economic development, and inclusive leadership skills for the outdoor recreation industry. This certificate is required for attainment of the MORE degree.


Subject Courses (Asynchronous)
OREC 5000Introduction to the Outdoor Recreation Economy2
OREC 5001Sustainability Practices within the Outdoor Recreation Economy2
OREC 5016Foundations of Environmental Law and Culture2
OREC 5002Leading Sustainable Change in the Outdoor Recreation Economy2
Project Course (Synchronous)
OREC 5003Outdoor Recreation Project Tools and Skills2
While students may take the Introduction certificate courses in any order, it is recommended to complete the four subject courses before enrolling in the project course.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing the program, students will be able to:

  • Be versed in major topics related to the outdoor recreation economy.
  • Understand the importance of context and place-based, cultural, social, economic and ecological differences when looking for solutions.
  • Understand the systems connections of the constituent elements of the outdoor recreation economy.