The Learning Sciences & Human Development (LSHD) program takes an interdisciplinary approach to understanding learning, teaching and the design of learning ecologies. The program is particularly concerned with examining learning and development as it happens in and across in-school and out-of-school contexts and at the intersection of learning and policy. To this end, the program enacts innovative teaching practices that are attuned to our current technological and socio-political climate. Our interdisciplinary approach encourages students in the program to cultivate a strong commitment to and develop a strong record of working successfully with school and community partners to organize innovative practices that open up opportunities for transformative learning.

The LSHD program is on the leading edge of the field in its theoretical and practical explorations of issues of social and spatial justice, technology and design, culture and diversity in learning. LSHD faculty and students are also leaders in theorizing and building partnerships with schools, districts and state agencies, as well as youth and community organizations.