The space minor is part of the larger campus-wide Grand Challenge initiative and is open to all CU Boulder students regardless of major. The space minor is designed to provide all students enrolled in the minor with an over-arching background in all aspects of space through the required Pathway to Space course. Course topics include:

  • Space science and exploration
  • Human spaceflight and life sciences
  • Aeronautics and near space
  • Launch and spacecraft systems
  • Climate and environment
  • Space business, policy and politics
  • Space arts, media and history

Visit the Grand Challenge Space Minor website for more information.


Completion of 15 credit hours (5 courses) is required for the minor, distributed as indicated in the course list below. There may be restrictions on how many and/or which specific courses/credits can apply towards this minor as well as towards the student's degree program.

Three of the four elective courses must be completed at the CU Boulder campus. One elective course may be transferred from another institution with approval. A grade point average (GPA) of 2.000 or better is required for all courses used to satisfy the requirements for this minor. Each individual course that is counted towards these degree requirements must be passed with a D- or better. Note, however, that a C- or better is required in all prerequisite courses to move on to a subsequent course.

Required Courses
ASEN 1969Pathway to Space3
Choose four approved elective courses, including those provided in the following partial list: 112
Special Topics (The Politics of Space)
Special Topics (Space: Environment and Effects)
Special Topics in CMCI (Space Crazy! Kids, Media, and Information in the Early Space Age)
Climate Change and Engineering
Advanced Teamwork and Collaboration
Special Topics: Physical Factors in Environmental Design (How to Build in Space)
First Year Seminar (Astronauts & Astropolitics: Topics in Space Exploration From the Cold War)
RUSS 3221
Advanced Special Topics in Creative Technology & Design (Studio Space)
Space Odysseys: Astrophys/Astronomy via Cinema/Arts
Music and Space
Cosmos Latinos: Hispanic Science Fiction and New Worlds
Topics in Writing (Writing about Space)
Total Credit Hours15