Undergraduates interested in the literature, history and culture of Britain and Ireland are encouraged to develop an interdisciplinary concentration in British and Irish studies. Completed in addition to a regular departmental major, this work will lead to a certificate in British and Irish studies. The certificate demonstrates that the student has done serious work in several aspects of British and Irish studies and will be advantageous when applying to graduate school or for jobs. It is open to students in any school or college.


A total of 24 credits in British and Irish studies (normally eight courses of 3 credits each) with a grade of C- or better in all classes.

The courses should be distributed as follows:

  • In the department of primary focus (either English or history, depending on the student's own interests), any four courses in British or Irish studies. CBIS will provide a list of possible courses (see below).
  • In the secondary department (either history, English or political science, depending upon primary area), a minimum of two courses and a maximum of four courses. CBIS will provide a list of possible courses (see below). Topics courses may be substituted with approval of the director.
  • Students may take one or two courses in departments other than English, history or political science, chosen from the list below, in place of courses in the secondary department. Students are encouraged to do some work of an explicitly interdisciplinary nature such as team-taught courses offered by two departments or an independent study or honors thesis spanning two disciplines.
  • Studying in Britain or Ireland would be a fine addition to the certificate. Contact the Office of International Education, Center for Community S355, 303-492-6016, for information on CU's Study Abroad programs.

Approved Courses

ECON 4514Economic History of Europe3
ENGL 1500Introduction to British Literature3
ENGL 2503Medieval and Renaissance3
ENGL 2504Enlightenment and Modernity3
ENGL 2767Race, Empire, and the Postcolonial3
ENGL 3000Shakespeare for Nonmajors3
ENGL 3068 Modernisms and Modernity, 1900-1945 3
ENGL 3078Contemporary Literature: 1945 to the Present 3
ENGL 3164History and Literature of Georgian Britain3
ENGL 3523Renaissance Literature3
ENGL 3544The Long Eighteenth Century3
ENGL 3553Chaucer and the Invention of English Literature3
ENGL 3563Shakespeare in Dialogue3
ENGL 3564Romantic Literature and its Revolutions3
ENGL 3573Shakespeare in Performance3
ENGL 3583Milton’s Worlds3
ENGL 3604Victorian Literature3
ENGL 4003Old English 1: Introduction to Old English3
ENGL 4113Medieval Worlds 3
ENGL 4048The Modernist Novel3
ENGL 4513British Medieval Literature3
ENGL 4514Advanced Topics: The Long 18th Century3
ENGL 4524Advanced Topics: Romanticism3
ENGL 4624Topics in Transnational Literature 1660-19003
ENGL 4634Advanced Topics: The Victorian Era3
ENGL 4693Advanced Topics in British Literature to 16603
HIST 1113Introduction to British History to 16603
HIST 1123Introduction to British History Since 16603
HIST 3113Seminar in Medieval and Early Modern English History3
HIST 3133Seminar in Britain since 16883
HIST 4013Law and Society in Premodern England to 16883
HIST 4053Britain and the Empire, 1688-19643
WGST 40633
HIST 4123Kings & Commoners in an Age of Crisis: English History 1327-14873
HIST 4125Early American History to 17633
HIST 4133Tudor England, 1485-16033
HIST 4143The Making of Great Britain: British History 1603-17143
HIST 4339Borderlands of the British Empire3
HIST 4349Decolonization of the British Empire3
PSCI 2004Survey of Western Political Thought3
PSCI 3172Democracy and Its Citizens in the US and EU3
PSCI 4002Western European Politics3
PSCI 4213Europe and the International System3
PSCI 4302European Union Politics3