The objectives of the doctoral program in the Department of Integrative Physiology at the University of Colorado Boulder are to:

  • Provide an academic foundation for understanding how humans and other animals function at the level of genes, cells, tissues, organs and systems.
  • Develop the professional skills required to become a research scientist.


Admission Requirements

To obtain materials for application and for any additional information, visit the Integrative Physiology website.

Entering graduate students must have an undergraduate preparation equivalent to the basic core curriculum requirements in Integrative Physiology or departmental approval of their academic preparation for graduate study.

All graduate applicants must have an introductory course in statistics or research design. In addition, students should have the knowledge base that would be obtained by completing human physiology or comparative animal physiology lecture and lab courses.


If the undergraduate preparation of a prospective graduate student is not adequate, the student may be allowed to pursue graduate study with the understanding that identified deficiencies will be completed. The graduate admissions committee will determine the nature and extent of these deficiencies.

Deficiencies in any area of the undergraduate major may be met by completing approved coursework in the subject at CU Boulder or at other institutions. All entering graduate students with deficiencies must satisfy all deficiencies within the first year of graduate study.

Required Courses and Semester Credit Hours

Required Courses
IPHY 5100Colloquium in Integrative Physiology (2 academic-year semesters)4
IPHY 5800Advanced Statistics and Research Methods in Integrative Physiology4
IPHY 6830Professional Skills for the Research Scientist3
Elective coursework19
IPHY 8990Doctoral Dissertation30
Total Credit Hours60