Project management is the leadership and control of unique, limited-duration undertakings to produce a new service, product or other desired outcome. Projects typically entail the formation and oversight of a team comprised of highly diverse staff, perhaps varying in experience, skills, location and employer, as well as personal background. The project manager assumes responsibility for ensuring overall success of the endeavor given an array of challenges. Fundamental to those is of course the nature of limited resources, generally defined in terms of cost and time, with engineering projects aggregating additional factors of quality and scope.

Projects are fundamental to nearly all engineering sectors, including aerospace, civil, software, medical devices, electronics, materials science and environmental. Project managers apply their skill and knowledge, both of engineering process/systems as well as of team leadership, to ensure the successful progression and completion of the undertaking at hand. Successful PMs thrive in dynamic, complex environments under continual change. Many times PMs are tapped to lead organizations through significant crises. PMs have the talent and experience to lead ad-hoc groups towards an effective and strategic response, in real-time and under challenging demands. 

Individuals who aspire to be agents of change and assume a central role in balancing many forces should consider a project management certificate towards entry into this thriving profession.

For more information, see the Engineering Management Program's Project Management webpage.

Distance Education Option

Students can take individual courses toward a master's degree or graduate certificate through distance education (online). For more information, connect with the individual graduate program directly.


This certificate requires 12 credit hours.

Required Courses
EMEN 5030Fundamentals of Project Management3
or EMEN 5031 Software Project Management
EMEN 5032Project Management Application and Execution3
EMEN 5405Fundamentals of Systems Engineering3
EMEN 5830Special Topics (Aerospace Program Management)3
Total Credit Hours12