A diploma is issued for each degree earned at the University of Colorado Boulder. A diploma will list degree, and dependent on the college, a student's major(s). Diplomas will not list any minors earned. Undergraduate diplomas will list Latin or academic honors earned based on eligible GPA or successful participation in a honors program. Graduate students are not awarded Latin or academic honors based on GPA. Minors and eligible certificates earned will appear on the official transcript. Diplomas are mailed to all graduating students approximately eight weeks after the close of the semester in which degree requirements were completed and the student applied for graduation. Note: International students must resolve all financial obligations with CU before a diploma is issued.

CU Boulder also offers a certified electronic diploma (CeDiploma) for students who complete a university-approved certificate from Fall 2015 and onwards.

Graduating students with Federal Perkins/NDSL loans must complete a loan exit interview and clear all outstanding financial balances before leaving the university. Failure to do so results in a hold on the student's record. The hold prevents registration for future terms. Students can complete a loan exit interview by contacting Heartland ECSI at 1-888-549-3274 or via the Heartland ECSI website. Questions may be directed to University Student Loans & Debt Management in the Bursar's Office at 303-492-5571, toll free at 800-925-9844.

Display diplomas or replacement diplomas may be ordered online after graduation. For more information, visit the Office of the Registrar's Diplomas webpage.


Official Transcripts

Current and former students may order transcripts online; no IdentiKey is required. Official transcripts are available in electronic PDF or paper format. Transcripts may be ordered as either a complete academic record of courses taken at all University of Colorado campuses or as a select career (undergraduate, graduate, law or noncredit) for coursework taken after 1988.

In certain circumstances, transcripts can be withheld for ongoing financial obligations to the university or for disciplinary actions.

Official transcripts bear the signature of the registrar and the official seal of the university (not applicable to noncredit transcripts).

Unofficial Transcripts

Currently enrolled students and alumni who have access to the student portal may view and print unofficial transcripts free of charge through Buff Portal. Unofficial transcripts display the complete academic record of courses taken at the University of Colorado. However, academic institutions and potential employers generally do not accept the unofficial transcript as evidence of a student's career at CU Boulder, as this transcript does not carry the registrar's signature, the seal of the university or other security features. Unofficial transcripts are primarily used for advising and counseling in offices at University of Colorado campuses. 

Educational Record Changes

Students whose degrees have been conferred are not eligible for retroactive changes to their educational record.

Law School/Law Career Transcripts

The Office of the Registrar can provide Law School/Law Career Transcripts for the Class of 1985 to the present. These transcripts are considered official by university standards and will include all coursework taken specifically towards a degree at the University of Colorado Law School as well as Law School ranks, Public Service Pledge awards, certificates and Order of the Coif and Dean’s List notations, as applicable. 

To order a Law School/Law Career transcript, students may order transcripts online. Students should request their "Law Only" transcripts when selecting the transcript for ordering.