The certificate recognizes student accomplishments at the graduate level in successfully completing a specialized program of study in Satellite System Design (SSD). It blends courses from the Smead Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences, Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering and Engineering Management Departments. The certificate allows students to develop interdisciplinary skills in the area of satellite design and be more desirable to potential employers.

This certificate is available to degree-seeking and non-matriculated students. Additional certificate information can be found on the department's Satellite System Design Certificate webpage.

Distance Education Option

Students can take individual courses toward a master's degree or graduate certificate through distance education (online). For more information, connect with the individual graduate program directly.



Admissions Requirements

  • Completed undergraduate degree from an institution accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or its equivalent.
  • Undergraduate courses in calculus, linear algebra and differential equations; two semesters of undergraduate calculus-based physics; and at least two semesters of upper-division undergraduate courses in engineering or physics.
  • Ability to program at a level that will enable successful completion of graduate course assignments.

For more information, degree-seeking students may visit the AES Certificates webpage; nondegree-seeking and non-matriculated students may visit the AES Certificates & Continuing Education webpage.

Certificate Requirements

Grades of B or higher are required for fulfillment of requirements and certificate award. Students also pursuing other graduate certificates may not use the same courses to count for both certificates.

Program Tracks

The certificate in satellite system design (SSD) offers two track options.

Track 1: Hands-on (recommended for on-campus students.)
Required Courses12
ASEN 5018Graduate Projects I (Project must have a satellite or rocket focus)3
ASEN 5148Spacecraft Design3
ASEN 6028Graduate Projects II (Project must have a satellite or rocket focus)3
One course from the Elective list below3
Track 2: Distance Compatible
Required Courses12
ASEN 5148Spacecraft Design3
EMEN 5405Fundamentals of Systems Engineering3
Two elective courses from list below (no more than one EMEN course)6

Elective List

Students are required to meet course prerequisites. Questions should be directed to the course instructor. 

To develop cross-disciplinary breadth, students are strongly encouraged, but not required, to choose elective courses outside of their major.

ASEN 5010Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics and Control 13
ASEN 5050Space Flight Dynamics 13
or ASEN 5052 Analytical Astrodynamics
ASEN 5067Microavionics: Introduction to PIC Microcontrollers for Aerospace Systems 23
ASEN 5090Introduction to Global Navigation Satellite Systems 13
ASEN 5335Aerospace Environment3
ECEN 5134Electromagnetic Radiation and Antennas3
ECEN 5264Electromagnetic Absorption, Scattering, and Propagation3
ECEN 5517Power Electronics and Photovoltaic Power Systems Laboratory3
ECEN 5613Embedded System Design3
ECEN 5623Real-Time Embedded Systems3
ECEN 5634Microwave and RF Laboratory3
ECEN 5692Principles of Digital Communication3
ECEN 5797Introduction to Power Electronics3
ECEN 5813Principles of Embedded Software3
EMEN 5010Introduction to Engineering Management3
EMEN 5030Fundamentals of Project Management3
EMEN 5031Software Project Management3
EMEN 5405Fundamentals of Systems Engineering3