Visit the Office of the Registrar's Academic Calendar webpage for specific academic and financial dates and deadlines. Students should also consult Colorado Law's Courses and Registration webpage for additional information on special requirements and deadlines. The following registration policies are intended to serve as general guidelines.

Students who require accommodations because of a disability should visit the Disability Services website or call 303-492-8671.

When registering for courses, most Law School classes may be located searching under the subject code LAWS.

Student Portal

Student registration and other important information and services are available through the student portal. Students access the portal using a secure CU login name and IdentiKey password. For more information and registration instructions, visit the Registration webpage.


A hold may be placed on a student's record for a number of reasons, including but not limited to financial, advising, scholastic, conduct and health. A hold may prevent a student from registering, returning to school, obtaining an official transcript or receiving a diploma. Students should resolve holds as quickly as possible by contacting the appropriate campus office identified in the hold in their student portal.

Withdrawing from the Semester

A withdrawal from a Main Campus semester occurs if the student:

  • Never registers for classes in a fall or spring semester
  • Drops all classes for a semester
  • Submits a withdrawal request to the Office of the Registrar

A student who desires to withdraw from the university and drop all Main Campus classes should visit the Office of the Registrar’s Withdraw from the Semester webpage and review the current term's withdrawal calendar and the withdrawal checklist to understand the potential impacts of withdrawing. Failure to withdraw properly may result in failing grades recorded for every class and liability for the full amount of tuition and fees for that term.

Rules for withdrawing may vary with each college and school. Students anticipating a withdrawal should consult their advisor to understand the potential impacts to their degree requirements. 

Withdrawing students (including students applying for a graduate leave of absence) with Federal Perkins/NDSL loans must complete a loan exit interview and clear all outstanding financial balances before leaving the university. Failure to do so results in a hold on the student's record. This hold prevents registration for future terms. Students can complete a loan exit interview by contacting University Student Loans & Debt Management in the Bursar's Office at 303-492-5571, toll free at 800-925-9844 or TTY 303-492-3528.

Undergraduate students who withdraw and then wish to return to the university have two semesters (plus summer) from their last graded semester to return to the university without having to reapply for admission. Graduate students can apply for an approved leave of absence.

Details are available on the Withdraw from the Semester webpage. For more information, contact the Office of the Registrar at 303-492-6970 or For information about tuition and fee obligations for withdrawing students, see either the Undergraduate Tuition and Fee Policies or the Graduate Tuition and Fee Policies sections.

Active Duty

Students who are military personnel, fire fighters and police officers called to active duty and/or to help with disasters may request to go on a leave of absence. These students should contact the Office of the Registrar. For more information, visit the Withdraw from the Semester webpage.

Law Student Withdrawal and Leave of Absence

A law student who desires to voluntarily withdraw from the university and drop all classes during the first (fall) semester must reapply for readmission, may only be readmitted to resume in a subsequent fall semester, and shall receive no readmission preference. Students who withdraw after completing the fall semester but before beginning on the second (spring) semester, must reapply for admission, shall normally be expected to wait until the next spring semester to resume their studies, and shall receive admission preference only in the next regularly scheduled spring semester. Law students must apply for a leave of absence or will be discontinued from the university. Department and college approval is required on the application.