At CU Boulder, the Department of Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering has focused our ME degree on professional master's programs that serve highly employable disciplines and provide skills based on industry needs.

Distance Education Option

Students can take individual courses toward a master's degree or graduate certificate through distance education (online). For more information, connect with the individual graduate program directly.


A minimum of 30 credit hours of academic work acceptable to the student's advisory committee and within the rules established by the College of Engineering and Applied Science and the Graduate School will be required for the ME degree.

  • All 30 course credit hours in ECEN at the 5000-level or above or:
  • Minimally, 15 in sufficiently technical ECEN 5000+ with remainder in related STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) including up to 15 EMEN course credit hours upon permission from faculty advisor
  • In the Embedded Systems Engineering (ESE) subplan with ME degree, you can maximally take just 9 credit hours (3 courses) in related STEM, while 21 credit hours must be courses in ESE.  Other professional master's subplans might also vary.
  • Optionally, maximally 6 credit hours may be at the 4000+ level.  However, all course work from ECEN, TLEN/CYBR, EMEN and ATLS must solely be at the 5000+ level.

Time Limit

All degree requirements must be completed within four years of the date of commencing coursework (if on campus) or six years (if working full-time and taking only one course, each semester). Most students complete the degree in 2 to 5 years (on-campus, full-time student vs. off-campus, full-time worker/part-time student, respectively).

Dual Degree Program

ME in Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering and Engineering Management

The Department of Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering also offers a dual ME degree with the Engineering Management Program. The dual degree requires 45 total credit hours, where 21 credits are from the Engineering Management Program (EMP) and 24 credits are from the Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering Program.

For more information, visit the program's dual degrees webpage.