Engineers of the 21st century will be working in a globalized industry in which a growing number of engineering firms are transnational. Moreover, advances in engineering and applied science offer immense promise to solving some of the most challenging global issues of our time, making exposure to other cultures and contexts crucial for a well-rounded engineering education. The global engineering minor will prepare students for international practice in multiple ways: 

  • It will reveal the profession’s global impact on economies, society, and the environment.
  • It will make students more sensitive to and aware of other cultures. 
  • It will help students recognize the issues at the core of development challenges and how to partner holistically will local communities to implement engineering solutions that improve quality of life. 

Graduates with this minor will be capable of negotiating complex, uncertain and ambiguous circumstances, whether at home or abroad. Coursework includes a choice between two cornerstone courses, foreign language study through the intermediate level and students' choice of coursework that expands their understanding of:

  • A particular country, region, or language (e.g., CHIN 3341 Literature and Popular Culture in Modern China FREN 3600 Business French 1  or PSCI 3082 Political Systems of Sub-Saharan Africa )
  • Global topics (e.g., GEOG 3682 International Development: Economics, Power, and Place , IAFS 3850 International Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding  or PSCI 3064 Environmental Political Theory )
  • Global Engineering (e.g., CVEN 4157 A Systems Approach to Global EngineeringEMEN 4200 Engineering and Entrepreneurship for the Developing World or other Mortenson Center courses)

Most of these courses fit seamlessly into existing humanities and social science (H&SS) and technical elective credit requirements so that students do not have to add significant additional coursework to their major. Finally, students pursuing the minor must study, intern or volunteer abroad through an approved program--or complete an approved project through the Mortenson Center in Global Engineering. 

For more information, visit the Global Engineering Minor webpage.


To enroll in the global engineering minor, a student must be admitted to the College of Engineering & Applied Science and have a minimum 2.50 cumulative GPA. The minor requires a minimum completion of 18 credit hours, along with an approved global experience. A cumulative GPA of 2.000 or better is required for courses used to satisfy the requirements of this minor. A maximum of six (6) credit hours can be double-counted with another minor. 

Required Courses and Credits

Foundation Course 

Choose one course (3 credits) from the following:

ENES 2360Gaining a Global State of Mind for Effective Engineering Practice 13
ENES 3360Gaining a Global State of Mind for Effective Engineering Practice 13
GEEN 1400Engineering Projects 23
EVEN 2909Introduction to Global Engineering 33

Students may take two foundation courses and count the second course toward the regional, global or technical perspective requirements. 

Foreign Language

Students must demonstrate intermediate foreign language ability through any of the following avenues:

  • Completing the second semester, intermediate level of their chosen foreign language
  • Testing into the 3000-level of a foreign language through CU's foreign language placement test.
  • Completing "intermediate II" level of a foreign language through the ALTEC language lab. Must earn certificate of completion, which requires 80% attendance.
  • Undergoing a language proficiency evaluation through ALTEC.

There is no specific credit allocation for this requirement. International students from non-English-speaking countries are exempt from this requirement but must take a total of 18 approved credits to earn the minor. 

Students who do not receive academic credit for a foreign language (e.g., because they tested out of the intermediate level) must take a minimum of 18 approved credits to earn for the minor. Course options include taking an upper-division foreign language course or selecting additional credits from the regional, global, or technical perspective category. 

ARAB 2120Intermediate Arabic 24
HIND 2120Intermediate Hindi 24
KREN 2120Intermediate Korean 25
CHIN 2120Intermediate Chinese 25
JPNS 2120Intermediate Japanese 25
FREN 2120Second-Year French Grammar Review and Reading 23
ITAL 2120Intermediate Italian Reading, Grammar, and Composition 24
GRMN 2020Intermediate German 24
SWED 2020Intermediate Swedish 2 - DILS4
HEBR 2120Intermediate Modern Hebrew, Second Semester4
FRSI 2120Intermediate Farsi 24
DANE 2020Intermediate Danish II - DILS4
PORT 2120Second-Year Portuguese 23
RUSS 2020Second-Year Russian 24
TBTN 2020Intermediate Colloquial Tibetan 24
SPAN 2150Intensive Second-Year Spanish5
SPAN 2120Second-Year Spanish 23
GRMN 2030Intensive Intermediate German5

Regional, Global, and Technical Perspective Courses

Students may choose 12 credits of their choice (9 must be upper-division) that expand their understanding of:

  • A particular country, region, or language 
  • Global topics 
  • Global Engineering 

Many global and regional context courses also count toward Humanities & Social Sciences requirements, allowing students to double dip. Global engineering courses may also be eligible to double dip as technical, professional or focus-area electives in the major. Students should confirm classes they are considering with their academic advisor. 

Students may submit a petition to the Director of Global Engagement or the Faculty Director for the Global Engineering Minor for consideration of courses not on this list. 

International students may choose U.S. context courses to fulfill these requirements. 

ANTH 1100Exploring a Non-Western Culture: The Tamils3
ANTH 1105Exploring a Non-Western Culture: Tibet3
ANTH 1115The Caribbean in Post-Colonial Perspective3
ANTH 1140Exploring a Non-Western Culture: The Maya3
CVEN 4837Special Topics ("Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)" only)3
PHIL 1030Introduction to Global Philosophy3
PHIL 1250Poverty, Power, and Patriotism: Issues of Global Justice3
PHIL 2140Environmental Justice3
PHIL 3030Asian Philosophies3
PHIL 3040African Philosophy: Personhood and Morality3
PHIL 3260Philosophy and the International Order3
PHIL 2220Philosophy and Law3
PHIL 1200Contemporary Social Problems3
PSCI 2012Introduction to Comparative Politics3
PSCI 2223Introduction to International Relations3
PSCI 3022Russian Politics3
PSCI 3032Democracy, Inequality and Violence in Latin America3
PSCI 3052Gender and Politics in Latin America3
PSCI 3064Environmental Political Theory3
PSCI 3072Government and Politics in Southeast Asia3
PSCI 3082Political Systems of Sub-Saharan Africa3
PSCI 3092Comparative Political Economy3
PSCI 3102South Asian Politics3
PSCI 3143Current Affairs in International Relations3
PSCI 3163American Foreign Policy3
PSCI 3172Democracy and Its Citizens in the US and EU3
PSCI 3183International Law3
PSCI 3193International Behavior3
PSCI 3213International Political Economy3
PSCI 3223International Human Rights3
PSCI 4002Western European Politics3
PSCI 4012Global Development3
PSCI 4016Inequality and Public Policy in the U.S. and Europe3
PSCI 4022Chinese Foreign Policy3
PSCI 4052Chinese Politics3
PSCI 4062East European Politics3
PSCI 4173International Organizations3
PSCI 4213Europe and the International System3
PSCI 4242Middle Eastern Politics3
PSCI 4283International Migration and Policy3
PSCI 4302European Union Politics3
PSCI 4391Gender Politics and Global Activism3
PSCI 4703Technology, Society and the Future3
PSCI 4732Critical Thinking in Development3
PSCI 4792Issues in Latin American Politics3
ANTH 1150Exploring a Non-Western Culture: Regional Cultures of Africa3
ANTH 1155Exploring Global Cultural Diversity3
ANTH 1156Class and Consumption: Global Cultures of Inequality, Anxiety, and Shopping3
ANTH 1200Culture and Power3
ANTH 3009Modern Issues, Ancient Times3
ANTH 2525Environmental Anthropology3
ANTH 3100Africa: Peoples and Societies in Change3
ANTH 3110Ethnography of Mexico and Central America3
ANTH 3160Peoples of the South Pacific3
ANTH 3760Exploring Culture and Media in Southeast Asia3
ANTH 4505Globalization and Transnational Culture3
ANTH 4050Anthropology of Jews and Judaism3
ANTH 4525Global Islams3
COMM 3410Intercultural Communication3
MDST 2001Introduction to Global Media3
MDST 3201Media, Culture and Globalization3
MDST 4211Asian Media and Culture3
MDST 4341International Media and Global Crises3
ANTH 4620Nationalism and Cultural Citizenship3
ANTH 4690Anthropology of Tibet3-6
ANTH 4730Latin American Politics and Culture through Film and Text3
ANTH 4735Contemporary Cuban Culture: Race, Gender and Power3
ANTH 4740Peoples and Cultures of Brazil3
ANTH 4745Science, Technology and Society3
ANTH 4750Culture and Society in South Asia3
ANTH 4760Ethnography of Southeast Asia and Indonesia3
ANTH 4800Language and Culture3
ARAB 3110Advanced Arabic 14
ARAB 3120Advanced Arabic 24
ARAB 3220Arabian Nights, Arabian Days: Popular Literature in the Arab World and Beyond3
ARAB 3221The Making of Middle Eastern Identities: Arabs and Their “Others”3
ARAB 3230Islamic Culture and the Iberian Peninsula3
ARAB 3231In the Footsteps of Travelers: Travel Writing in Arabic Lit3
ARAB 3241Art in Islamic Cultures3
ARAB 3330The Arabic Novel3
ARAB 3340Representing Islam3
ARAB 3350Narrating the City: Literary Mappings of the Urban Landscape3
ARAB 3360Tradition, Authenticity, and Reform in Islam3
ARAB 3410Gender, Sexuality and Culture in the Modern Middle East3
ARAB 4200Advanced Readings in Arabic3
ARAB 4250Arabic Media3
ARTH 1500Global Art and Visual Culture3
ARTH 3619The Arts of China3
ARTH 3629The Arts of Japan3
ARTH 3729Foundations in Latin American Art3
ARTH 4449Arts of India and Southeast Asia3
ARTH 4559Twentieth-Century Architecture3
ASIA 1000Origins of Contemporary Southeast Asia3
ASIA 2000Gateway to Modern Asia: Exploring Regional Connections3
ASIA 2852Contemporary Southeast Asia: Environmental Politics3
ASIA 3300Sex and Gender in Asian Film and Literature3
ASIA 3900Discovering Urban China: Tradition, Modernity, Nostalgia3
CEES 1623Introduction to Central and East European History since 17703
CHIN 2441Film and the Dynamics of Chinese Culture3
CHIN 3110Advanced Chinese 15
CHIN 3120Advanced Chinese 25
CHIN 3200Adv Wrtg Topics on Chinese & Japanese Literature and Civilization3
CHIN 3334Chinese Narrative Tradition3
CHIN 3341Literature and Popular Culture in Modern China3
CHIN 3342Sinophone Literature in the Contemporary World3
CHIN 3361Women and the Supernatural in Chinese Literature3
CHIN 3371Topics in Chinese Film3
CHIN 4110Advanced Readings in Modern Chinese 13
CHIN 4120Advanced Readings in Modern Chinese 23
CHIN 4750Daoism3
CINE 2002Recent International Cinema3
CINE 2513Major Asian Filmmakers3
CINE 2521Classics of the Foreign Cinema: 1960s to Present3
CINE 3402European Film and Culture3
ECON 3403International Economics and Policy3
ECON 3784Economic Development and Policy3
ECON 4413International Trade3
ECON 4423International Finance3
ECON 4514Economic History of Europe3
ECON 4534Chinese Economic History in Comparative Perspective3
ECON 4784Economic Development3
ENGL 1250Introduction to World Literature by Women3
ENGL 2017World Literature 3
ENVS 3022Climate and Energy Justice3
ENVS 3033Governing the Environment3
ENVS 3140Environmental Ethics3
ENVS 3640Data Analysis for Global Environmental Affairs3
ENVS 4027Inequality, Democracy, and the Environment3
ENVS 4030Sociology of Climate Change3
ENVS 4340Conservation Biology and Practice in Brazil's Atlantic Forest4
GEOG 3022Climate and Energy Justice3
PHIL 3140Environmental Ethics3
ENGL 4018Literature and Globalization3
FRSI 3110Advanced Farsi 13
ENVD 1024History of the Built Environment 3
ENVD 2001Human Behavior and Design3
ENVD 2003Ecological Systems in Design3
FRSI 3120Advanced Farsi 23
GEOG 1962Geographies of Global Change3
GEOG 1982Global Geographies: Societies, Places, Connections3
GEOG 1992Human Geographies3
GEOG 2053Mapping Our World3
GEOG 2092Advanced Introduction to Human Geography3
GEOG 2852Contemporary Southeast Asia: Environmental Politics3
GEOG 3622Cities of the Global South3
GEOG 3672Who Runs the World? Sex, Power, and Gender in Geography3
GEOG 3682International Development: Economics, Power, and Place3
GEOG 3692Introduction to Global Public Health4
GEOG 3742Place, Power, and Contemporary Culture3
GEOG 3812Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean3
GEOG 3822China’s Diverse Geographies: Environment, Society, Politics3
GEOG 3832India and Its Neighbors: Societies, Economies, and Geopolitics 3
GEOG 3842Human Geography of Czechia: Political, Economic and Social Transitions3
GEOG 3862Global Africa: Environment, Development, and Culture3
GEOG 3882Geography of the Former Soviet Union3
GEOG 4292Migration, Immigrant Adaptation, and Development3
GEOG 3351Biogeography3
GSLL 2350Introduction to Jewish Culture3
GSLL 2551Modern Jewish Literature3
GSLL 3401The Heart of Europe: Filmmakers and Writers in 20th Century Central Europe3
GSLL 3600Contemporary Jewish Societies3
HEBR 3010Third Year Modern Hebrew, First Semester3
HEBR 3020Third Year Modern Hebrew, Second Semester3
HEBR 3202Women, Gender & Sexuality in Jewish Texts & Traditions3
HEBR 4203Israeli Literature: Exile, Nation, Home3
GEOG 3402Natural Hazards3
GEOG 3422Political Ecology3
GEOG 4762Geographies of Political Islam3
GEOG 4812Political Ecology & Latin America 3
GEOG 4822Environment and Development in China3
GEOG 4832Geography of Tibet3
GEOG 4852Health and Medical Geography3
GEOG 4892Geography of Western Europe3
GEOL 1150Water, Energy and Environment: An Introduction to Earth Resources3
GEOL 3050GIS for Geologists2
HIND 3110Advanced Hindi 14
HIND 3120Advanced Hindi 24
HIND 3441Screening India: A History of Bollywood Cinema3
HIND 3651Living Indian Epics: The Ramayana and the Mahabharata in the Modern Political Imagination3
HIND 3661South Asian Diasporas: Imagining Home Abroad3
HIND 3811The Power of the Word: Subversive and Censored 20th Century Indo-Pakistani Literature3
HIND 3831The Many Faces of Krishna in South Asia Literature and Culture3
HIND 3851Devotional Literature in South Asia3
HIST 1028Introduction to Modern Latin American History since 18003
HIST 1308Introduction to Middle Eastern History3
HIST 1123Introduction to British History Since 16603
HIST 1528Introduction to South Asian History since 17573
HIST 1623Introduction to Central and East European History since 17703
HIST 1628Introduction to Chinese History since 16443
HIST 1708Japan from Clay Pots to Robots3
HIST 1800Introduction to Global History3
HIST 1828Jewish History Since 14923
HIST 1830Global History of Holocaust and Genocide3
HIST 2126Issues in Modern U.S. Politics and Foreign Relations3
HIST 2166The Vietnam Wars3
HIST 2629China in World History3
HIST 2728Japan: From Samurai to Kamikaze3
HIST 2830Disease and Public Health in Global History3
IAFS 1000Global Issues and International Affairs4
IAFS 3010Islam, Geopolitics and Society: Gender, Identity and Place3
IAFS 3500French Connections: Contemporary France and America in Historical Context3
IAFS 3520Global Seminar: Justice, Human Rights and Democracy in Israel6
IAFS 3530Global Seminar: Jews and Muslims - The Multiethnic History of Istanbul3
IAFS 3540Migration, Human Rights, and Conflict in the Mediterranean3
IAFS 3600Contemporary Jewish Societies3
IAFS 3630Radical Nationalism in Contemporary Northern Europe3
IAFS 3631Arctic Society and Culture3
IAFS 3632Scandinavia and the European Union3
IAFS 3640Data Analysis for Global Environmental Affairs3
IAFS 3650History of Arab-Israeli Conflict3
IAFS 3670Cities of the Global South3
IAFS 3681Refugees in German Culture3
IAFS 3850International Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding3
IAFS 4500The Post-Cold War World3
ITAL 1300La Dolce Vita: How to Live a Good Life, Italian Style3
ITAL 1500That's Amore: Introduction to Italian Culture3
ITAL 3015Advanced Composition 13
ITAL 3030Italian Conversation Through Art History3
ITAL 3040Italian Conversation Through Cinema3
ITAL 3140Main Current of Italian Culture and Literature 3 3
ITAL 4010Problems in Translation, Advanced Grammar, and Stylistics 13
ITAL 4030Contemporary Italian Culture, Politics, and the Media3
JPNS 1012Introduction to Japanese Civilization4
JPNS 1051Masterpieces of Japanese Literature in Translation3
JPNS 2441Japanese Culture through Film and Anime3
JPNS 3110Advanced Japanese 15
JPNS 3120Advanced Japanese 25
JPNS 3311Japanese Colonial and Transnational Literature3
JPNS 3321Fantasy and Sci-Fi in Japanese Literature, Film and Culture3
JPNS 3331Business Japanese3
JPNS 3511From Rebellion to Calamity: Contemp Japanese Lit in Transl3
JPNS 3811Love, Death, and Desire: Classical Japanese Literature in Translation3
JPNS 3841Tradition and Transgression: Modern Japanese Literature in Translation3
JPNS 3851Studies in Japanese Popular Culture3
JPNS 3861Imagining the Samurai in Japanese Literature and Culture3
JPNS 3871Horror and the Macabre in Japanese Literature, Film, Culture3
JPNS 3881Environment, Nature and Disaster in Japanese Literature and Culture3
JPNS 3891Travel/Travel Writing in Japanese Literature and Culture3
JPNS 4030Japanese Syntax3
JPNS 4050Japanese Sociolinguistics3
JPNS 4070Second Language Acquisition of Japanese3
ITAL 4040Business Italian Style3
ITAL 4145The Age of Dante in Italian3
ITAL 4147Visualizing Dante's Inferno: A Global Seminar in Florence Italy3
JWST 1828Jewish History Since 14923
JWST 1830Global History of Holocaust and Genocide3
JWST 2350Introduction to Jewish Culture3
JWST 2551Modern Jewish Literature3
JWST 2600Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: Abrahamic Religions3
JWST 3100Judaism3
JWST 3150Jerusalem: The Holy City in History, Legend, and Religious Thought3
JWST 3200Religion and Feminist Thought3
JWST 3202Women, Gender & Sexuality in Jewish Texts & Traditions3
JWST 3310The Bible as Literature3
JWST 3401The Heart of Europe: Filmmakers and Writers in 20th Century Central Europe3
JWST 3501The German-Jewish Experience: From the Enlightenment to the Present3
JWST 3530Global Seminar: Jews and Muslims - The Multiethnic History of Istanbul3
JWST 3600Contemporary Jewish Societies3
JWST 3650History of Arab-Israeli Conflict3
JWST 3681Refugees in German Culture3
JWST 4050Anthropology of Jews and Judaism3
JWST 4122Music in Jewish Culture3
JWST 4170God and Politics3
JWST 4203Israeli Literature: Exile, Nation, Home3
JWST 4302Global Seminar: Justice, Human Rights and Democracy in Israel6
JWST 4338History of Modern Israel/Palestine3
JWST 4378History of Modern Jewish-Muslim Relations3
JWST 4388History Today: Global Intensive in Israel/Palestine3
JWST 4524Expulsions and Diasporas: The Jews of Spain and Portugal3
JWST 4800Ethics, Medicine and the Holocaust: Legacies in Health and Society3
JWST 4534Modern European Jewish History3
KREN 2441Film and Korean Culture3
KREN 3110Advanced Korean 15
KREN 3120Advanced Korean 25
KREN 3841Modern Korean Literature in English Translation3
LAMS 1000Introduction to Latin American and Latinx Studies3
LING 1020Languages of the World3
LING 2000Introduction to Linguistics3
LING 2500Race, Ethnicity, and Language3
LING 3545World Language Policies3
LING 4050Japanese Sociolinguistics3
LING 4100Perspectives on Language3
PACS 2500Introduction to Peace, Conflict and Security Studies3
PACS 3540Migration, Human Rights, and Conflict in the Mediterranean3
PACS 3850International Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding3
PACS 3860Environmental Conflict and Conflict Resolution3
PORT 2350Portuguese for Romance Language Speakers3
PORT 2800Brazil: Past and Present3
PORT 3003Advanced Portuguese Language Skills3
PORT 3220Latin American Culture: Spanish America and Brazil3
PORT 3230Transatlantic Relations in the Portuguese Speaking World3
PORT 3270Socio-Environmental Dynamics in Brazil3
PORT 4110Brazilian Literature3
PORT 4150Literature of the Portuguese Speaking World3
RLST 1620Religious Dimensions of Human Experience3
RLST 1828Jewish History Since 14923
RLST 1830Global History of Holocaust and Genocide3
RLST 2400Religion, Ethics and Politics3
RLST 2600Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: Abrahamic Religions3
RLST 2620Religions of East Asia3
RLST 3000Christian Traditions3
RLST 2202Islam3
RLST 3001Modern Christianity: Culture, Politics, Religion3
RLST 3100Judaism3
RLST 3150Jerusalem: The Holy City in History, Legend, and Religious Thought3
RLST 3200Yoga, Castes and Magic: Hindu Society and Spirituality3
RLST 3300Foundations of Buddhism3
RLST 3530Global Seminar: Jews and Muslims - The Multiethnic History of Istanbul3
RLST 3550Tibetan Buddhism3
RLST 3750Women in Buddhism3
RLST 3800Chinese Religions3
RLST 4353Indigenous Traditions and Law: A Global Perspective3
RLST 4650Islam in the Modern World3
RLST 4750Daoism3
RLST 4780New Religions of East Asia3
RUSS 3000Advanced Conversation3
RUSS 3010Third-Year Russian 14
RUSS 3020Third-Year Russian 24
RUSS 3060Advanced Russian for Heritage Speakers (Part 1)4
RUSS 4230Russian Cultural Idioms3
RUSS 4850Russian Film and Society 4
SPAN 334020th Century Spanish American Literature3
SPAN 3900Cosmos Latinos: Hispanic Science Fiction and New Worlds3
SPAN 4110Hispanic Women Writers3
WGST 3208Women in Nordic Society: Modern States of Welfare3
WGST 3410Gender, Sexuality and Culture in the Modern Middle East3
WGST 3500Global Gender Issues3
WGST 3510Gender, Sexuality and Global Health3
WGST 3520Gender and Sexuality in Africa3
WGST 3650Gender and Politics in Latin America3
WGST 3670Gender, Race, Sexuality and Global Migration3
WGST 3672Who Runs the World? Sex, Power, and Gender in Geography3
SPAN 4150Major Works and Trends in Literature and Culture in Spain Up to 17003
SPAN 4170Major Works/Trends in Literature and Culture in Latin America Up to the 19th Century3
SPAN 4450Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics3
SOCY 3161Global Perspectives on Race and Ethnicity3
PORT 3170Lisbon as a Global City: Cosmopolitanism, Diversity, and Innovation 3
PSCI 3142Politics, History and Society of Cuba3
PSCI 4222Russia and Space Politics3
PSCI 4252Politics of Ethnicity and Nationalism3
PSCI 4374Global Seminar: Revolutions in Paris3
LAMS 3100Travel, Science and Adventure3
KREN 3851Studies in Korean Popular Culture3
JPNS 4150Japanese to English Translation: Theory and Practice3
JPNS 4210Contemporary Japanese 1: Current Issues3
JPNS 4400Critical Theory and Japanese Literature and Culture3
ITAL 2271Space, Invention, and Wonder in Fairy Tales, Literature and Film3
ITAL 4250History of Modern Italy3
ITAL 4260Mafia and Terrorism: Organized Violence in Italy3
ITAL 4290Italian Culture Through Cinema3
ITAL 4300Multiculturalism in Italy3
ITAL 4730Italian Feminisms: Culture, Theory, and Narratives of Difference3
IAFS 3621Rogues to Revolutionaries: Russian Rebels, Past and Present3
HIST 3012Seminar in Modern European History3
HIST 3018Seminar in Latin American History3
HIST 3109Seminar in Asian History3
HIST 3218Seminar in African History3
HIST 3328Seminar in Middle Eastern History3
HIST 3414Seminar in Modern European Thought and Culture3
HIST 3628Seminar in Recent Chinese History3
HIST 3713Seminar in Russian History3
HIST 3718Seminar in Japanese History3
HIST 3800Seminar in Global History3
GRMN 2402Sports and Athleticism in German and Global Culture3
FRSI 1011Introduction to Persian Civilization3
FRSI 1051Masterpieces of Persian Literature in Translation3
ETHN 3704Athlete as a National Symbol: Nationhood/Nationalism, Sport3
ETHN 3705Sport and Culture in Latin America and the Caribbean3
ETHN 4353Indigenous Traditions and Law: A Global Perspective3
CHIN 1051Masterpieces of Chinese Literature in Translation3
CHIN 1012Introduction to Chinese Civilization4
CHIN 2442Modern Chinese Media Cultures3
CHIN 3333Race and Ethnicity in Chinese Literature: Sinophone Culture, Diaspora, and Identity3
CHIN 3343Chinese Science Fiction3
CHIN 3372Chinese Media and the Environment3
ASIA 1700Introduction to Tibetan Civilization3
ASIA 2500Catastrophe and Resilience: Asian Experience of Climate Change3
ARAB 1011Introduction to Arab and Islamic Civilizations3
ANTH 1110Anthropology of Japan: Culture, Diversity, and Identity3
ANTH 3770Primates of Vietnam:  Conservation in a Rapidly Developing Country3
RUSS 4010Advanced Conversation and Composition 14
RUSS 4020Advanced Conversation and Composition 24
RUSS 4050Professional Russian4
RUSS 4060Advanced Russian for Heritage Speakers (Part 2)4
SCAN 2201Introduction to Modern Nordic Culture and Society3
SCAN 3020Advanced Readings in Scandinavian3
SCAN 3101Global Seminar: Identity, Arts & Ethics in Contemporary Norway3
SCAN 3201Contemporary Nordic Society and Culture3
SCAN 3209Contemporary Nordic Literature and Film3
SCAN 3251Arctic Thrillers: Environment, Landscape and Literature of the Far North3
SCAN 3301Radical Nationalism in Contemporary Northern Europe3
SCAN 3631Arctic Society and Culture3
SCAN 3632Scandinavia and the European Union3
SOCY 2011Contemporary Social Issues and Human Values3
SOCY 3012Gender and Development3
SPAN 2450Catalan for Spanish Speakers3
SPAN 3000Advanced Spanish Language Skills5
SPAN 3001Spanish Conversation3
SPAN 3002Advanced Spanish Conversation3
SPAN 3010Advanced Rhetoric and Composition3
SPAN 3030Professional Spanish for Business 13
SPAN 3040Professional Spanish for Business 23
SPAN 3050Spanish Phonology and Phonetics3
SPAN 3060Spanish for Careers in Environmental Studies and Sustainable Development3
SPAN 3070Spanish 21st Century Media Professions3
SPAN 3080Spanish Health Professions3
SPAN 3100Literary and Cultural Analysis in Spanish3
SPAN 3120Advanced Spanish Grammar3
SPAN 3150Linguistic Analysis of Spanish3
SPAN 3200Spanish Culture3
SPAN 3215Urban History and Culture in the Spanish-Speaking World3
SPAN 3220Latin American Culture: Spanish America and Brazil3
SPAN 3230Discovering Barcelona: Culture and Heritage3
SPAN 3240Catalan Culture 1: Nation and Art3
SPAN 3250Catalan Culture 2: Contemporary Trends and Barcelona3
SPAN 3260Late 19th and 20th Century Argentine Narrative3
SPAN 3270Barcelona: Understanding Local and Immigrant Cultures3
SPAN 3280Introduction to Catalan Literature & Film3
SPAN 3290Argentine Culture and History in a Latin American Context3
SPAN 331020th Century Spanish Literature3
SPAN 4060Problems of Translation for Professions in Spanish 13
SPAN 4070Problems of Translation for Professions in Spanish 23
SPAN 4120Literature and Cinema in Spain and Latin America3
SPAN 4130The Power of Storytelling: Oral, Textual and Digital Narratives3
SPAN 4160Major Works and Trends in Literature and Culture in Spain: 1700-Present3
SPAN 4180Major Works and Trends in Literature and Culture in Latin America: 1900-Present3
SPAN 4215Spanish in the United States3
SWED 3010Advanced Swedish 1-DILS3
SWED 3020Advanced Swedish 2 - DILS3
TBTN 3210Beginning Literary Tibetan 14
TBTN 3220Beginning Literary Tibetan 24
TBTN 4210Intermediate Literary Tibetan 14
WGST 2600Introduction to Global Gender, Race and Sexuality Studies 3
WGST 3012Gender and Development3
ENES 2020The Meaning of Information Technology3
ENES 3700Culture Wars in Rome3
ENES 3720Voices of Vienna: Freud, Wittgenstien, Mozart3
ENES 3750Xi'an, China: Self-Awareness and Images of the Other3
CVEN 4157A Systems Approach to Global Engineering3
EMEN 4200Engineering and Entrepreneurship for the Developing World3
COMM 2410The Practice of Intercultural Communication3
PRLC 3800Global Inquiry for 21st Century Leadership3-4
PRLC 3810Global Issues in Leadership3
CVEN 4969Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries3
ENLP 3100Complex Leadership Challenges3-4
EDEN 4147A Systems Approach to Global Engineering3
EVEN 4969Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries3
FREN 1850Introduction to French Society and Culture through Cinema3
FREN 1900Modern Paris in Literature, Photographs, Paintings and Movies3
FREN 2500Conversation in French3
FREN 3010French Phonetics and Pronunciation3
FREN 3020French Phonetics Through Musical Performance3
FREN 3050French Composition 3
FREN 3100Introduction to Critical Reading and Writing in French Literature3
FREN 3110Main Currents of French Literature 13
FREN 3120Main Currents of French Literature 23
FREN 3200Introduction to Literary Theory and Advanced Critical Analysis3
FREN 3300French Culture Through Fashion3
FREN 3400Culture, Performance and Development in Dakar, Senegal3
FREN 3450Underground Paris3
FREN 3500French Current Events: Conversation and Composition3
FREN 3600Business French 13
FREN 3700French-American Cultural Differences3
FREN 3800France and the Muslim World3
FREN 4030Advanced Oral Practice and Interpreting3
CSCI 2750Computing, Ethics and Society3
DNCE 2501African Dance2
DNCE 4017Dancing Histories: Sex, Gender and Race in U.S. Concert Dance3
EMEN 4110Supply Chain Management3
MCEN 4228Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering ("Project Based Learning in Rural Schools" is the only special topics course that applies toward the minor.)3
CVEN 4834Special Topics ("Solid Waste - Resource Recovery" is the only special topics course that will apply toward the minor. )1-3
CVEN 3434Introduction to Applied Ecology3
GRMN 2141Topics in Modern German Culture and Society3
GRMN 2301Inside Nazi Germany: Politics, Culture, and Everyday Life in the Third Reich3
GRMN 2302Nazis on Screen: Hollywood, War, Propaganda3
GRMN 2501Miniatures of Modrn Life: From Berlin to Vienna and Beyond3
GRMN 2502Representing the Holocaust3
GRMN 2503Fairy Tales of Germany3
GRMN 2601Kafka and the Kafkaesque3
GRMN 3010Advanced German 13
GRMN 3020Advanced German 23
GRMN 3030Business German3
GRMN 3050German for Science and Engineering3
GRMN 3120German Literature from the Enlightenment to Expressionism3
GRMN 3140Current Issues in German Culture3
GRMN 3141Topics in Modern German Culture and Society3
GRMN 3150Issues in German Politics, Literature and Media3
GRMN 3301Modern Art and Design at the Bauhaus3
GRMN 3401The German Experience in North America3
GRMN 3501The German-Jewish Experience: From the Enlightenment to the Present3
GRMN 3502Literature in the Age of Goethe3
GRMN 3503German Film Through World War II3
GRMN 3504Topics in German Film3
GRMN 3505The Enlightenment: Tolerance and Emancipation3
GRMN 3506Tracing the Criminal: Crime in 19th C Society and Culture3
GRMN 3507Engineering and the Practice of Literature 3
GRMN 3508Masters of Suspicion: Marx, Nietzsche, Freud3
GRMN 3513German Film and Society 1945-19893
GRMN 3514German Film & Society After 19893
GRMN 3520Open Topics in the Cultural Context3
GRMN 3601German Women Writers3
GRMN 3681Refugees in German Culture3
GRMN 3702Dada and Surrealist Literature3
GRMN 3802Politics and Culture in Berlin 1900-19393
GRMN 3900Independent Study1-6
GRMN 3130Issues in German Philosophy and Literature3
GRMN 4010Advanced German III3
GRMN 4051Critical Theory of the Frankfurt School3
GRMN 4231The Invention of Sexuality3
GRMN 4251Marxism3
GRMN 4301Gender, Race and Immigration in Germany and Europe3
GRMN 4330The Age of Goethe3
GRMN 4340Seminar in German Literature3
GRMN 4450Methods of Teaching German3
GRMN 4460High School German Teaching6
GRMN 4501Seminar: Literature in Cultural Context3
GRMN 4502Nietzsche: Literature and Values3
GRMN 4503Issues in German Thought3
GRMN 4504Goethe's Faust3
FREN 4110French Special Topics3
FREN 4120French Special Topics3
FREN 4170Francophone Literature3
FREN 4250Medieval and Renaissance Readings3
FREN 4300Theatre and Modernity in 17th Century France3
FREN 4330Moliere and 17th Century French Comedy3
FREN 4350French Enlightenment3
FREN 4430Survey of 19th Century French Literature3
FREN 447020th Century French Theatre and Poetry3
FREN 448020th Century French Novel3
FREN 4600Topics in French Film3
FREN 4700Encountering Animals: Contemporary Discourse and the Dialog of Species3
FREN 4750Methods of Teaching French and Professional Orientation3
FREN 4800Postmodernist French Novel in Translation3
FREN 4840Independent Study: Language1-6
FREN 4860War, Trauma, and Memory: Amnesias, Revisions, and Representations of Traumatic History3
FREN 4960High School French Teaching6
ENES 3320Don Quixote's Spain3
ENES 3340Leonardo da Vinci's World3
ENES 3360Gaining a Global State of Mind for Effective Engineering Practice (Cannot double count as foundation AND regional, global and technical perspective credits.)3
MCEN 4291Project Based Learning in Rural Schools1-2
COEN 4000Global Intensive Studies1-3
ENES 2360Gaining a Global State of Mind for Effective Engineering Practice (Cannot double count as foundation AND regional, global and technical perspective credits.)3

Global Experience

Global engineering minor students should seek global experience as part of their undergraduate studies. This can include CU-approved education abroad programs of any duration, overseas internships/practica, travel with EWB-USA or Bridge Buffs, or other relevant international experience by petition.

There is no specific credit allocation for this requirement.

Students may substitute this requirement on a case-by-case basis by completing an approved project through the Mortenson Center in Global Engineering.