The Teaching International Students (TIS) badge program prepares faculty, graduate students, and teaching staff to provide better academic experiences for international students in the United States. Participants will gain an understanding of the unique experiences of international students and their needs, as well as explore how to apply this knowledge to course and assignment design, teaching and mentoring practices, and fostering success inside and outside the classroom. This program addresses intercultural communication, inclusive pedagogy, and international education coursework. In addition, program participants will engage with workshops on supporting international students and inclusive pedagogy, and a capstone project.

For additional details and enrollment information about the micro-credential, visit the Center for Teaching and Learning website.


Application Requirements

There is a short application that indicates the requirements of the TIS program. Applicants must indicate understanding of the time requirement and confirm their ability to complete the all program requirements, including the application of pedagogical practices as part of their teaching.

Program Requirements

Foundational Work

In the fall semester, complete the following requirements:

  • Asynchronous Canvas course, required submission of reflections, and participation in discussions.
  • CTL Learning community, attending 6 out of 8 sessions and submitting homework assignments.

International Student-Focused Workshops

Participants will attend at least three workshops focused on international students and submit a reflection about it. A template with formatting guidelines and reflection questions will be provided. 

Inclusive Pedagogy Workshops

Participants will attend at least two workshops focused on inclusive pedagogy and submit a reflection about it. A template with formatting guidelines and reflection questions will be provided. 

Application of Pedagogical or Mentoring Practice

Based on readings, discussions and/or workshops (4): Participants will identify and apply new pedagogical practices to support international students and submit a report describing the practice, how it was used and the achieved results, and adjustments for future uses when applicable. 

Individual Consultations/Office Hours

Participants will have the opportunity to meet individually with program facilitators to discuss any aspect of the program. Individual meetings are optional and highly encouraged. 

Capstone Project

International Student Support Action Plan: Based on the readings, discussions, and workshops, participants will design an action plan that addresses the needs of international students at their classes, department, college, or at CU in general.