Latin American Studies Center
Leila Gómez, Director
T: 303-492-1952

Programs Offered


The mission of the Center for Latin American Studies is to provide an institutional space for research, teaching and discussion on Latin America at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Its general purpose is to bring together CU faculty, graduate and undergraduate students and visiting scholars interested in Latin American and Latinx issues: recognizing the diversity of their interests and approaches; supporting their research, teaching, and studies; and strengthening their links with Latin America and with communities of Latin American origin in the United States.

The Latin American Studies Center offers an undergraduate certificate program in Latin American and Latinx Studies.

For more information, visit the department's undergraduate certificate program webpage.

Course code for this program is LAMS.


LAMS 1000 (3) Introduction to Latin American and Latinx Studies

Focuses on the main topics of Latin American and Latinx Studies, exploring them through interdisciplinary approaches. Core course of the Latin American and Latinx Studies Certificate.

Additional Information: Arts Sci Gen Ed: Diversity-Global Perspective

LAMS 3100 (3) Travel, Science and Adventure

Focuses on the expeditions of the most important scientific travelers in Ecuador during the 18th and 19th centuries: French mathematician Charles-Marie La Condamine, German naturalist Alexander von Humboldt and English naturalist Charles Darwin. In Ecuador, La Condamine proved the shape of the Earth, Humboldt designed the theory of ecosystems and their interconnections, and Darwin found evidence of evolution in the Galapagos. These travelers made important observations about Ecuador¿s nature, society, and history.

Grading Basis: Letter Grade

LAMS 4854 (1-3) Independent Study

Work with an approved faculty sponsor to explore a topic in greater depth. Instructor consent required.

Repeatable: Repeatable for up to 6.00 total credit hours.
Recommended: Prerequisite LAMS 1000 (minimum grade D-).