Business Environment and Policy (BPOL)


BPOL 6940 (1) Master's Candidate for Degree

Registration intended for students preparing for a thesis defense, final examination, culminating activity, or completion of degree.

BPOL 6950 (1-6) Master's Thesis

Requisites: Restricted to graduate students only.

BPOL 7500 (3) Doctoral Seminar: Strategic Management 1

Provides an overview of the literature, including classic articles and books, in business strategy andpolicy (strategic management). Brings the student up to date on schools of thought, research issues, and practical applications in strategic management.

Repeatable: Repeatable for up to 6.00 total credit hours.

BPOL 7530 (3) Doctoral Seminar: Strategic Management 2

Continuation of BPOL 7500.

Repeatable: Repeatable for up to 6.00 total credit hours.
Requisites: Requires prerequsite course of BPOL 7500 (minimum grade D-). Restricted to Business Administration (BUAD) graduate students only.

BPOL 7560 (3) Entrepreneurship, International Business and Technology Management

Provides doctoral students with an understanding of strategic management and entrepreneurship theory, as applied to international business and technology management literatures. Additionally, students are exposed to research methods in the strategy and entrepreneurship arenas.

Requisites: Requires prerequsite courses of BPOL 7500 and BPOL 7530 (all minimum grade D-).

BPOL 8900 (1-3) Independent Study

Requires consent of instructor under whose direction study is taken. Departmental form required.

BPOL 8990 (1-10) Doctoral Dissertation