Digital Humanities (DHUM)


DHUM 5000 (3) Introduction to Digital Humanities: Movements, Methods, and Tools

Introduces the histories, conversations, and methodological approaches of the Digital Humanities, a transdisciplinary field and community of practice that leverages and critically engages with technology in order to explore and present humanities data. Participants will also gain foundational experience in curating humanities data and applying computational research methods, while critiquing and evaluating Digital Humanities scholarship and pedagogy. No programming experience is necessary, only an openness to experiment and collaborate. Serves as the core course for the Digital Humanities Graduate Certificate Program (

Requisites: Restricted to graduate students only.
Grading Basis: Letter Grade

DHUM 6840 (1-3) Capstone Project: Digital Humanities Graduate Certificate

Working with a faculty member in the Digital Humanities Graduate Certificate program, the optional capstone provides graduate students with an opportunity to showcase their digital research skills and develop and implement a Digital Humanities project to include in their portfolios. Declared students are required to develop a project proposal the preceding semester in consult with certificate director. This course may not be used to substitute for the required and elective courses to complete the Digital Humanities Graduate Certificate.

Requisites: Requires prerequisite course of DHUM 5000 (minimum grade B).
Recommended: Prerequisite Completion of two electives required for the Digital Humanities Graduate Certificate.