Environment and Sustainability (ENST)


ENST 4150 (3) Energy Policy Project

Provides students with an opportunity to apply their knowledge of energy technologies, systems and policies to current issues. Specific topical coverage varies by semester. Examples include natural gas fracking, automotive fuel economy standards and natural gas exports. Students work in teams to research, prepare and present a detailed and specific energy project proposal. Intended for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Certificate students. Formerly RSEI 4150.

Requisites: Restricted to Renewable Sustainable Energy (RASE-CERU) students only.
Recommended: Prerequisites ENVS/PHYS 3070 and ENVS 3621.

ENST 5100 (1) Renewable and Sustainable Energy Seminar

Examines a wide range of energy issues in seminar format. Students attend energy-related seminars and critique/evaluate the presented material. Open to graduate students from all disciplines. Formerly RSEI 5100.

ENST 5200 (3) Energy Topics Course

Covers timely topics related to renewable and sustainable energy. Specific offerings vary by semester. Formerly RSEI 5200.