Organization Management (ORMG)


ORMG 7310 (3) Seminar on Organizational Behavior

Doctoral level seminar covering such issues as leadership, job attitudes, motivation, absenteeism, turnover, goal setting, and group dynamics. Instructor consent required.

Requisites: Restricted to graduate students only.

ORMG 7320 (3) Doctoral Seminar: Organization Theory

Critically investigates major issues in organization theory and provides students with experience in comprehensively surveying literature in subject areas such as organization design, power, culture, innovation, technology, environment, size, and strategy. Instructor consent required.

Requisites: Restricted to Business Administration (BUAD) graduate students only.

ORMG 7330 (3) Seminar and Practicum in Organization Development

Provides a doctoral level seminar emphasizing intervention theory and method in effectuating organizational change in a client system. Deals with group development, educational processes, conflict resolution, organizational interventions, change strategies, and ethical and skill requirements of the consultative role.

ORMG 7800 (3) Doctoral Proseminar: Management

Provides an orientation to doctoral level study for all students in management. Through critical analysis of articles and student and faculty presentations, students learn about reading and writing research articles and gain an overview of the management discipline.

Requisites: Restricted to graduate students only.

ORMG 7830 (3) Research Design and Methods in Management

Introduction to research design and commonly used methods in management and organizational research. Covers the fundamental building blocks of research, provides the basics of a number of analytical techniques, and presents considerations important in analyzing multivariate data in organizational research.

Requisites: Restricted to Business (BUSN) graduate students only.

ORMG 8900 (1-3) Independent Study

Repeatable: Repeatable for up to 6.00 total credit hours. Allows multiple enrollment in term.

ORMG 8990 (1-10) Doctoral Dissertation