Theatre and Dance (THDN)


THDN 5010 (3) Introduction to Performance Studies

Introduces students to performance studies by surveying foundational concepts and recent scholarship in the field and by examining theoretical and methodological questions raised by performance practices. This interdisciplinary course provides students with the necessary vocabulary and research skills to continue to navigate the field of performance studies and the many academic fields it intersects with. Formerly THTR 5010.

Requisites: Restricted to graduate students only.

THDN 5099 (3) Live Arts: Critical Curation

Examines live arts curation and engages in both practical and theoretical investigations. Course observes how approach to curation requires changes in production practices as well as models of spectatorship. The course culminates in a student-directed creation of an original, team-based curatorial project. This course counts toward the Dance Seminar requirement.

Recommended: Prerequisite THTR 5010.
Grading Basis: Letter Grade

THDN 6009 (2) Research and Teaching in Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies

Provides an overview of resources, methodologies, and strategies for graduate teaching in the fields of theatre, dance, and performance studies. Students will be exposed to library and other resources available to them in the department and in the university, and will develop a research proposal for a project they plan to develop during their graduate studies.

Requisites: Restricted to THTR MA, THTR PhD or DNCE MFA students