First Year Exploration (FYXP)


FYXP 1000 (1) Academic Exploration & Critical Decision Making

Students will work through the major exploration process in a guided and intentional way and be introduced to a variety of college success strategies as they evaluate their strengths, interests and goals, as well as understand the skills that will be necessary to succeed in an academic discipline. Throughout this course students will engage in questions of social justice, inclusivity, and the ability to impact the world as a result of their education.

Requisites: Restricted to Exploratory Studies (XXES or PXPL-COS) students only.

FYXP 1100 (1) Academic Success Seminar

The Academic Success Seminar is a one-credit course designed for first-year students in the Program in Exploratory Studies and is taught by staff in the University Exploration & Advising Center. Through participation in FYXP 1100, students will develop the skills they need to succeed in college. The class focuses on developing learning strategies, improving executive functioning (time management, organization, self-monitoring, etc.), and setting S.M.A.R.T. goals. Personal self-reflection is an important component of this course. Students will also identify their strengths and participate in collaborative peer-to-peer interactions.

Requisites: Restricted to Exploratory Studies (XXES or PXPL-COS) students only.

FYXP 1500 (1) First Year Success Seminar

Designed to assist first-year students with their successful transition to the University of Colorado Boulder. Students will learn about campus resources, goal setting, study skills, and academic exploration. Participation in class discussions, self reflection, and engagement in course assignments are essential in this course. This course will provide a supportive environment for new students to engage with peers, staff, and faculty to support the first eight weeks of the transition to college.

Requisites: Restricted to freshmen (0-26) Exploratory Studies (XXES) students only.

FYXP 2200 (1) Design Thinking Seminar: Using Design Thinking to Create Your Brand and Share Your Story

The Design Thinking Seminar introduces students to the principles of the design thinking framework and its application toward solution development and personal brand building. In this course students will participate in interactive and hands-on sessions to develop their own story, understand community needs, and create tangible solutions. Students will acquire a strong understanding of the design thinking framework, a deeper sense of their personal passions, and tools to craft their own path at CU and beyond. Department enforced prerequisite: Students must be enrolled in the Design Your Path Living Learning Community.

FYXP 3000 (1) Transfer Success Seminar

This success seminar course is designed to assist you, a first semester transfer student, with your transition to the University of Colorado Boulder. Through this course you will learn about various campus and academic resources applicable to an upper-division student; evaluate your skills, interests, strengths and education as they relate to overall career goals; and establish an encouraging transfer student community. Participation, group work, and class discussions are essential in this course.